You Can't Do What You Always Did

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I had a huge ah-ha moment this month. Well more than one and they were focused on my writing. Sometimes we really do need to be quiet and listen so the guidance can come through. We must also be willing to get out of our own way, throw out the old, and start new (no matter how many pages we already wrote!)

I was doing what I always did

Writing for me, since 2010, has been healing. Meditative. It has provided guidance from my ancestors and spirit guides. It allowed me to process a lot of emotions and release a lot of pain. Writing gave me a space to share my knowledge about genealogy research and 20th century military research and writing. It used to flow and the creative energy was intense and fun and fabulous. Then it all began to change. I began to change.

From 2016 until 2020, my life was being created on two continents (North America and Europe), with a very ill (then) husband on one continent, kids and a business at home on the other continent. Add more stress and exhaustion from life in Europe and just trying to survive everything and keep all my plates spinning, I slowly lost my writing and publishing mojo. That's not to say I stopped writing. Oh no. I have hundreds of papers on my laptop and in my journals ready for......something.....someday.

By 2019 I released my last book to make it 20+ books I had written for myself and my business. Since 2010 I had also written more than 100 books for clients, which were private projects. I was also a developmental editor for a few authors. By 2019 I was ready to stop writing and publishing books for other people. It was no longer fun. Helping them create their story, now that was fun for me.

But writing and the change in writing was not all about what was fun. It was also about organizing my thoughts into something that was worth publishing. These thoughts seemed to change a lot, the more energy healing work I did for myself from 2016 until now. It became clear, what worked for me in the past with my writing only kept me spinning in circles, never making progress, never finishing a project, and feeling worthless. I now had a new more authentic voice and high vibrational energy. My writing and process had to change, but I had no idea how to change it.

Shifting into a new energy, space, and voice

Since the fall of 2021, I have been working with a new coach and taking 5D Quantum energy shift classes. I have transformed in more ways than I have time to explain. I had done enough self-healing that I was ready to start leveling up faster and in bigger ways out of 3D and 4D reality and into the 5D we are creating.

When we transform by quantum leaps and jumps, it can be difficult to find our bearings. We shift into this new energy of who we are, what we can do, what our gifts are, what our voice and truth are and how to make this work with our new energy. This can be a little scary to navigate at first, but once we get the hang of it, the next quantum leap is easier.

Thankfully my coach said a lot of us who are shifting quickly and moving more into 5D energy and realities are encountering this question of how do we function now? It cannot be the way we used to function in 3D reality where everything is linear. We have to create and share in new ways. This took me a while to figure out for myself. What exactly was my new way to create and share so I would stop spinning in circles and have a completely different outcome or response?

Listen to your ancestors and guides

So what changed? How did I get my writing mojo back and start creating again? I listened to my ancestors and spirit guides this month.

For much of the month of January I had been hearing that I had to write a completely new story. Yes my ancestors and guides knew I had hundreds of pages written for that story, but that format, that voice, that energy was not going to cut it now. So I asked them what to do if I could not write and publish the old way.

Their response surprised me. I woke up one morning and they told me what format to use, how to create each chapter, how to make it not only a story book but a experiential book so readers could do their own research, writing, and healing. They said to just write. No editing. Just get the words down on paper. Skip around and add paragraphs where they were needed. Tell part of a story then jump to add something to the introduction. There would be plenty of time for editing and rearranging after I had a first draft of words - whatever they needed to be - complete.

After breakfast that morning I sat at the laptop and wrote 13 pages. The next day I did not have as much time to focus on writing and wrote 10 pages. I also laid out the next chapters so I know who and what to write.

I was reminded that when I ask my ancestors and guides for help, they come through. When I sit in my misery and feel bad about not being able to write and just spin in circles, nothing happens. I know this but sometimes forget.

Right now I have about five book ideas in the works. The first book though is well underway because I listened. My writing has a new voice and energy that fits who I am now. Not who I was "then".

I cannot wait to share my new voice and books with you this year. If you are taking any of my new classes, the new writing group, or working 1-1 with me, you get to experience that new voice and energy in those sessions. Check out the website Store to see what's available.

Are you ready to change everything and stop spiraling around getting nowhere?

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