Exploring Family Patterns & Stories Online Course

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Build a foundation on which you can explore family patterns & stories.

In this new course, I take you through foundational materials and topics to take your genealogy & military history to a new level. I offer you new perspectives on how to look at yourself & your ancestors as you move through the course.

Over five modules and two months, you will be exposed  to these foundational materials which guide your exploration. You have two weeks to complete a module before a new one is opened. This allows you time to process the information, do some research, speak to family members, and most importantly, write.

Using my stories as an example, we will explore themes of identity, family patterns, perspective, secrets, emotions, and transformation and you will write your own stories.

We will cover:

Module 1: Starting Our Journey

Module 2: Identity

Module 3: Perspective

Module 4: Family Patterns and Secrets

Module 5: Transformation and Course Wrap-Up

The foundation presented in this course is helpful for students who may wish to expand their ancestral lineage healing education with more advanced courses at the Ancestral Souls Wisdom School.

Access to this course is one year from date of purchase.

Video & Audio Resources

Modules contain videos to prepare students for the theme presented that week. Some modules also contain downloadable audio files.

Embodiment Tools

Part of safely doing personal & ancestral lineage healing is using energetic tools. You will learn how to ground your energy & set & protect boundaries.

Worksheets & Writing Prompts

Each module contains numerous worksheets & a weekly writing assignment. Assignments are not turned in & only for your benefit.

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Your Guide for this Journey

I'm Jennifer and I’ve been on a conscious personal healing journey for more than a decade. My journey began while researching & writing about my family & military history. My military ancestors helped me dive deeper into my personal & ancestral trauma to heal.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to travel in Europe & create a life both there & in Chicago. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, culture, got a deep dive into grief when I became a caregiver to someone I was in a relationship with & more, which gave me a unique perspective on our world & the layers of trauma we each carry, no matter where we live. Each experience I had in Europe gave me awareness & puzzle pieces for my healing & the healing of our ancestors & the collective. Puzzle pieces & awareness I can now share with you.

We are all connected no matter where we live, what our culture is, what our trauma has been….when one heals, we all heal.