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Limited Time Military Research Bundle

Explore your veteran's history today.

Do you have a relative who served in World War I or World War II, but you're not sure how to uncover their story? Are you interested in learning more about their military service and discovering the history behind it? Would you like to learn about the historical events of World War II and also gain insight into the impact of inherited trauma and ancestral patterns? Look no further than our comprehensive research courses.

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Ancestral Healing Sessions

I now offer many private session options. Family Patterns Consult, Ancestral Codes, Genograms, or Chakra Balancing & Healing. I help you see what is hidden, release what holds you back, connect more deeply with your ancestors & yourself. Are you ready to create a more abundant life & let go of what your ancestors passed on to you through your DNA?

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Classes, Webinars, & Memberships

Are you seeking genealogy and military research classes? New ways to connect with your ancestors? Tips and tools on writing the stories? I have just what you need.

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Military & Genealogy Research Books, Journals & Notebooks

Explore all my WWI/WWII research and writing books. I help you find the story even if all the records burned. Discover genealogy curriculum books, Ancestral Journals, and Composition Notebooks.

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80th Anniversary of D-Day Programming

Did you know the 80th Anniversary of D-Day is June 6, 2024? Is it time to tell their stories?

Is your library, society, homeschool group, museum or organization looking for full-day WWI/WWII research programming or study group or are you preparing to honor our WWII veterans in June 2024?

If so, I have just what you need.

Explore options & schedule your organization's event today.

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Genealogy & Military Services

Are you ready to discover your veteran's story? Learn more about who your ancestors were, who your parents are, and who you are on a deeper level? I offer several genealogy & military sessions to help you discover this.

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