I’m Jennifer, a spiritual coach and an intuitive healer specializing in inherited & war trauma, & personal & ancestral healing.

With over 25 years genealogy & military research & writing experience, I help people identify & release the beliefs, behaviors, & patterns in their lives & the lives of their ancestors that keep them stuck.  Using a variety of tools, including writing, energy healing, research, & more, I help you release the past & create the life you desire.

I am excited to help you heal yourself & your ancestors.

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I would like to help you identify, shift, and heal your family patterns, work more easily with your ancestors, and create the life you truly desire. 

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Perhaps it is only in subsequent generations that trauma can be witnessed and worked through by those who were not there to live it but who received its effects, belatedly, through the narrative, actions and symptoms of the previous generation. 

~Marianne Hirsch

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I’ve been on a conscious personal healing journey for more than a decade. My journey began while researching & writing about my family & military history. My military ancestors helped me dive deeper into my personal & ancestral trauma to heal.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to travel in Europe & create a life both there & in Chicago. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, culture, got a deep dive into grief when I became a caregiver to someone I was in a relationship with & more, which gave me a unique perspective on our world & the layers of trauma we each carry, no matter where we live. Each experience I had in Europe gave me awareness & puzzle pieces for my healing & the healing of our ancestors & the collective. Puzzle pieces & awareness I can now share with you.

We are all connected no matter where we live, what our culture is, what our trauma has been….when one heals, we all heal.


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This class enriched and transformed my World War II family research quest....

in ways I could not have imagined. Jennifer Holik is a gifted facilitator who helped me to unearth memories, make unexpected connections between past and present, and clarify the direction of my WWII project.  Her extensive knowledge and rare intuition, along with the well-organized curriculum, created a warm and productive virtual environment for learning and sharing insights with a wonderful group of participants.


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