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Soul Traveler Writer's Circle

Explore the vastness of your writing, heart, and soul in the Soul Traveler Writer's Circle. In each session we will write, share, learn, and heal. How might your writing be of service to others or help heal humanity?

Sessions are offered three times a month via Zoom. Attend one, two, or all three. We will use writing prompts to explore the depths of story, whether personal, ancestral, fiction, military, non-fiction, whatever is in your soul that day.

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Schedule a Genogram or Facilitation Session

Healing family trauma is within reach! I help you identify and remove energetic blocks, heal family & personal patterns, & work more easily with your ancestors. I have two ways to assist you in ending family cycles.

  • Facilitation session. (each session is 60-75 minutes).
  • Genogram session. (each session is 75-90 minutes).
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Chakra Balancing & Clearing

Are you ready to upgrade your energy system and release old beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and trauma? Explore the ways a chakra balancing and clearing can help change your life and create a reality you desire.

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Soul Traveler Storytelling Group

Are you seeking a writing community in which you can share your writing projects, be held accountable for your goals & deadlines, receive encouragement from others, and grow as a writer and perhaps researcher? If so, you are invited to join a community of storytellers writing stories of family, transformation, travel, soul growth, and life in the Soul Traveler Storyteller Group.

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2022-2023 Speaking Engagements

Explore my current speaking engagements and book me for your organization. I am teaching Live and by Zoom.

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Research a Veteran

Are you ready to start or complete your WWI, WWII, Korean War, or Vietnam War Research? I can help.

Each project customized for your specific needs and questions.

Email me to schedule a free consultation [email protected] Click the button below to learn what clients receive.

Research a Veteran

Shake the Family Tree

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Join me on a 7-week journey and shake your family tree to discover what's hidden in your records, stories, and DNA. Over seven weeks I will introduce you to Ancestral Lineage Healing and how genealogy and military research and writing fit perfectly to help us release and heal the past and create a vibrant, abundant future.

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Explore World War II Courses & Webinars

For more than a decade I have studied military records from WWI to Vietnam. In addition to having written more than 20 books on genealogy and military research and writing, I also developed webinars and courses on military research, even if the records burned.

How-To Articles & Records

Explore more than 6 years of military research articles, how-to's, book reviews, examples of records and more on the WWII Research & Writing Center website.

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WWII Education

Explore online courses & webinars on military research & writing. All course strategies apply to military records research for WWI, WWII, Korea, & Vietnam.

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Explore Research Books

Explore all the books I've written on genealogy curriculum for kids and adults; military research and writing; and stories about military personnel.


Military & Genealogy Books