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Journey With the Souls of War Masterclass

Class begins 8 February 2023 and ends 26 April 2023.


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Schedule a Genogram or Facilitation Session

Healing family trauma is within reach! I help you identify and remove energetic blocks, heal family & personal patterns, & work more easily with your ancestors. I have two ways to assist you in ending family cycles.

  • Facilitation session. (each session is 60-75 minutes).
  • Genogram session. (each session is 75-90 minutes).
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Chakra Balancing & Clearing

Are you ready to upgrade your energy system and release old beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and trauma? Explore the ways a chakra balancing and clearing can help change your life and create a reality you desire.

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Webinars & Courses

These are programs recorded from live events.

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