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I'm also gathering information about war trauma that families experienced. If you'd like to participate, please click the button below and take the short survey.

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Introduction to Genograms

Saturday 3 December 2022 at 10:00 a.m. CST.

Are you interested in better understanding why you are who you are? Why your family and ancestors held certain beliefs, behaviors, and patterns? Using a genogram, you can learn a lot more about your family. A genogram is a tool that resembles a family tree through which we use symbols to identify family beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. There are many themes that can be explored using this tool.

In this interactive workshop, I will help you create a basic genogram, learn some basic symbols, and start to identify patterns in your family.

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Schedule a Genogram or Facilitation Session

Healing family trauma is within reach! I help you identify and remove energetic blocks, heal family & personal patterns, & work more easily with your ancestors. I have two ways to assist you in ending family cycles.

  • Facilitation session. (each session is 60-75 minutes).
  • Genogram session. (each session is 75-90 minutes).
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Chakra Balancing & Clearing

Are you ready to upgrade your energy system and release old beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and trauma? Explore the ways a chakra balancing and clearing can help change your life and create a reality you desire.

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2022-2023 Speaking Engagements

Explore my current speaking engagements and book me for your organization. I am teaching Live and by Zoom.

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Shake the Family Tree

The next session begins in January. Join the email list to be notified. Click the button below to learn more about this new program.

Join me on a 7-week journey and shake your family tree to discover what's hidden in your records, stories, and DNA. Over seven weeks I will introduce you to Ancestral Lineage Healing and how genealogy and military research and writing fit perfectly to help us release and heal the past and create a vibrant, abundant future.

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Explore World War I & World War II Military Research

WWII Research & Writing Center

Everything you need to know in one place, to start World War I or World War II research for any military branch. Explore articles, military records, how-to's, book reviews, videos, and more!

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Genealogy & Military Research Books

Explore the 20+ books I've written on genealogy curriculum for kids and adults; military research and writing; and stories about military personnel.

Military & Genealogy Books

Research Your Veteran

Are you ready to start or complete your WWI, WWII, Korean War, or Vietnam War Research? I can help. Each project customized for your specific needs and questions. Email me to schedule a free consultation [email protected]

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