Channeled Writing - Do You Know What They Did?

channeled writing empath family patterns holocaust medium wwii Aug 26, 2021

History has shown again and again while humanity always say, 'Never Forget!', and then does due to layers of trauma, that some things never change.

However, we are living in a moment in time when they CAN change. That change must start within each one of us. We must each light our own candle inside and shine the light out for all of humanity.

While I wrote this/channeled this in 2015, from a group of WWII survivors, what they described can be applied to numerous locations around the world still today. I invite you to look at your family's history and see where the ancestors were perpetrators or victims, or both, of some of these crimes. How can we heal and forgive them so we, as a collective heal?

Channeled and written by Jennifer Holik 22 August 2015

We walked into a place hidden in the woods. Oh the smell. I have never vomited so much in my life. It wasn’t just the smell. The scene.

Bodies everywhere. Stacked like firewood, twisted and broken. Dead eyes staring at us begging for mercy and a release. We could not give it.

Do you know how those eyes haunt me to this day? Black and staring and saying, “You knew. You didn’t save us. We hate you.”

Why do they hate us? We didn’t know. How is it even possible someone was capable of this? How can we do this to each other?

Can you set us free? All of us who bore witness to the hate, anger, torture and death? Set us free from our nightmares? Our constant fear the dead will rise up to get us?

How do we let this go? I don’t want to live all eternity like this.

What have you channeled the impacted your life or taught you a lesson? Channeling is one topic we will be discussing in my new Ancestral Cafe Membership program. The first live session starts early August!  If you are interested in learning more about how to identify trauma and other things that impacted your ancestors, be sure to sign up for my mailing list to be notified about upcoming free taster webinars and online classes.

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