What Did Your Ancestor Fight For?

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This morning on my Instagram account @coffeewithmyancestors, I gave another journal prompt. I do this during the week often asking questions you normally do not see in family history writing books.

This morning I asked questions around What are you speaking out against, pushing against, fighting for? What did your ancestors speak out against, fight for, push against, demand? Especially the women? What did it cost you? What did it cost them?

Now, let's look at this. For the last decade we have seen a rise in people around the world standing up and protesting what has not worked. Protesting and speaking out for what they want to see changed. Fighting for the ability to create something new.

How many of us have been speaking out? Speaking our truth? What has that cost us? Family, friends, relationships, jobs, security? Personally, standing up in my light, speaking my truth, trying to keep my sons safe, has cost me a lot. At times I have wanted to quit. Just give up. However, I like so many others, did not come here to lose or allow humanity to continue to be enslaved. I came here to change the rules, create a better place for all of us. So I will continue to speak out, continue to fight for my sons in all the ways I never mention to them.

How many and which of our ancestors spoke out and tried to create a change? What were their causes? What did those causes and speaking their truth cost them? Family, friends, relationships, jobs, security? How many of them throughout your lineage were persecuted, shamed, thrown guilt on, tortured, and killed because they spoke out?

Want to take it a step further? If you believe in past lives, dive into that arena. Most of us speaking out have been tortured, silenced, persecuted, killed, so our light and power wouldn't affect the masses. Wouldn't disrupt the corrupt narrative. Most of us hold that trauma in our throat chakra area, among other areas. Most of us, until we work with the energies, have fears that make no sense in this life because we weren't persecuted or tortured. I have explored many of my past lives to heal this so I can keep shifting and speak out for those who are asleep or cannot speak for themselves. This is not easy work.

All of our families have these individuals. Have you ever looked for them?

Now, over the last couple of years and actually longer, depending on how long you have been awake and aware, doing your inner work and seeing beyond the global, cultural, political, societal, and family narratives, people have been speaking out. We are seeing thousands rise up to protest the restrictions that have been imposed, freedoms removed, around the world every weekend for months. Those protests are not just about the one thing they are protesting. There are so many layers to this one thing if you are willing to see. Question. Change your perspective and mind.

This morning I watched an update from Connecting Consciousness founder Simon Parkes, out of the UK, about the world situation. He made a point I have been making for months in my new work. I paraphrase here.... You cannot change centuries, generations of programming in a couple of years through short sound clips and memes and covert operations. It takes us all doing our inner work, taking the time to question what is happening in our lives, to dig and find out why, where is the root, to then heal and release it.

Why are more people not doing this inner work? Because so many are focused on survival because that is how the world has been set up. We spend so much of our energy on work, making sure the bills are paid, the kids are fed, clothed, taken care of, the car has gas, we did x,y,z. So many are too exhausted to even consider looking at their own lives and where they came from or how the world shifted into what it is today. It is understandable.

Look at your ancestors. How many fought in a war by choice (and later force) to stand up for what they believed in? How many of your female ancestors around the world spoke up to have the vote? To have a place in society equal to that of a man? What happened to those ancestors? What were their experiences? How do those experiences still affect you?

Be the change you want to see!

So what can we do to heal the past? To stop repeating the old patterns? To keep standing up for what we believe to be true and better for everyone?

Take 15 minutes (or more if you have time) a day to be quiet and journal or meditate or have a conversation with a family member about what's happening. What do you learn?

Write morning pages when you wake up. Julia Cameron developed morning pages and suggests as soon as you wake, grab your journal and free write three pages. No editing. No stopping. Just keep your hand moving and let the subconscious dump into the pages. You can learn a lot from morning pages. Alternatively, this works well before bed too as evening pages.

Take a few minutes to do some research. Ask a family member some questions about the who, what, when, where, why of a negative pattern, that endless cycle no one can stop.

Turn off the TV and open a book to learn something new about your family, your culture, your country, what your ancestors fought for, stood up for, spoke out against. This knowledge is vital to understanding where you came from and why you are who you are. No on escapes their programming, no matter where it came from.

Read the newspapers of the time your ancestor was speaking their truth about a topic. What do you learn? Then pick up some books and get a different perspective of that time. What else do you learn?

Get honest with yourself, especially if you are awake, aware, an empath or medium and ask if you are carrying on the fight from an ancestor who couldn't or was silenced (in whatever way that was.)

There are so many ways we can learn more about what our ancestors stood for. We can explore their lives and see what we still carry for them. Or how our paths are similar. What unfinished business are we doing for them?

When we are willing to take the time to compare and contrast what we are speaking out about, fighting for, and looking at the same for our ancestors, we can change everything.

Are you ready to change everything?

Do you need private support with this topic? A safe place to explore your family's history, your past lives, your energies? I offer facilitation/coaching sessions where we can work 1-1 on your research and healing. I also offer many workshops to help you explore this on your own.

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