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These are webinars recorded from live events. Most come with a worksheet or workbook to help you understand the content and tools taught, and explore your relationship with your ancestors.

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What's Wrong With Daddy

The World Wars changed everyone who served, especially those that saw combat. Explore your genealogy & military documents to find events & deeper reasons that your veteran was changed. This webinar is an introduction to tools you can use to learn new facts & understand behaviors & patterns of your veterans.

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Why Was Grandma So Mean?

There are always more than two sides to every family story. Do you ever wonder what influenced the behaviors, patterns, & emotions of our ancestors? Explore your genealogy & military documents with new tools & questions to understand who your ancestors were & what shaped their behaviors.

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Breakdown! Unspoken Effects of Genealogy & Military Research

Have you heard of Compassion Fatigue? Have you experienced anger, grief, loss, shame, guilt, etc., as a result of your research? Have you become depressed or anxious? Join me in a new webinar to explore the ways our research & professional work can impact our mental health.

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Unlock the Past

Are you ready to shift your energy and step into the last half of 2021 in a different way? Join me for a webinar in which I share ways to create a limitless life and shift your energy.

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Writing to the Ancestors

Explore some basic ways to tap into what your ancestors have to say through journaling/channeled writing and meditation.

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