Webinars & Online Classes

Introduction to Genograms

Are you interested in better understanding why you are who you are? Why your family and ancestors held certain beliefs, behaviors, and patterns? Using a genogram, you can learn a lot more about your family. A genogram is a tool that resembles a family tree through which we use symbols to identify family beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. There are many themes that can be explored using this tool.

In this interactive workshop, I will help you create a basic genogram, learn some basic symbols, and start to identify patterns in your family.

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Honoring Our Heroes

Do you have a relative who served in World War I or World War II, but you're not sure how to uncover their story? Are you interested in learning more about their military service and discovering the history behind it? Would you like to learn about the historical events of World War II and also gain insight into the impact of inherited trauma and ancestral patterns? Look no further than our comprehensive research webinars.

This program consists of six webinars and a 30-minute private coaching session.

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Why Was Grandma So Mean?

There are always more than two sides to every family story. Do you ever wonder what influenced the behaviors, patterns, & emotions of our ancestors? Explore your genealogy & military documents with new tools & questions to understand who your ancestors were & what shaped their behaviors.

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Exploring Family Patterns & Stories

Take a journey & lay the foundation to identify family patterns & stories in a new way.

Module 1: Starting Our Journey

Module 2: Identity

Module 3: Perspective

Module 4: Family Patterns and Secrets

Module 5: Transformation and Course Wrap-Up

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Ancestral Time Travels: Timelines

Every genealogist and military researcher creates timelines as they build their family trees. Did you know this generic timeline is only one way to use this powerful tool? Are you ready to step out of the generic timeline box and travel through the life of an ancestor from a completely different perspective?

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Writing to the Ancestors

Explore some basic ways to tap into what your ancestors have to say through journaling/channeled writing and meditation.

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My Doughboy's Story

Did all the records burn? Have you struggled to learn anything about your WWI Army soldier? Have you given up hope of learning anything? Did you know there is a strategy to research military service correctly, that is easy to learn so you don't waste time and money?

This webinar runs 1 hour 40 minutes and comes with a workbook and extra downloads. 

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Honoring Our Heroes

This was recorded live in Fall 2023.

Learn my 2-part military research strategy and how to advance your research for any WWI, WWII, Korea or Vietnam service member, even if the records burned. This pre-recorded series contains six webinars plus a 30-minute private coaching session. Access to these programs is one year.

Coaching session must be used within 6 weeks of purchase of program or you lose it.

  • Research a Veteran (Research strategy part 1)
  • The Greatest Generation (Research strategy part 2)
  • World War II Sacrifice
  • Exploring the Online Battlefield
  • Your Doughboy's Story (WWI research)
  • Battlefield Stories (start writing your stories)


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Family's War Secrets

Through two webinars, you will learn how to use several tools to help you journey into your family's past. To discover beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that have held you back, created blocks, or issues in your life. We can heal all of this.

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Healing the Roots Writing Workshops

Are you tired of writing the same old ancestral stories? Would you like ideas to take your research and stories to a deeper level? In Healing the Roots, explore six writing workshops. You receive an extensive workbook for each program, plenty of writing ideas, and you're guaranteed to have new research to pursue after each session!

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