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A friend I met in Valkenburg on May 4, 2015, sent me a video of the German Cemetery at Lommel, Belgium on August 21, 2015. He felt there were stories there I had to tell. His video was only two and a half minutes long but by the end of it, my house was filled with German souls. I was dizzy and had to open the doors and go sit outside and work the rest of the day. Work was not to happen though, as many souls connected to that cemetery and the war showed up demanding to speak. I wrote much of the day.

We Are The Forgotten

Written/Channeled by Jennifer Holik 21 August 2015

We are the forgotten

The dishonored

Those who fought for our country and were then denied access.


We are the forgotten

Burdens we carry are many

Fear and hate consume us.


We are the forgotten

They spit upon our graves

And dance in the moonlight for the others.


We are the forgotten

Rough, tired, educated masses yearning to be free.


We are the forgotten

Young hearts lost in time

Husbands yearning for peace.


We are the forgotten

Our hopes for the future dashed

Families torn apart

Lives shattered.


Remember us

We fought for what we believed in

We deserve to go home.


Remember us

We have stories to tell

Lessons to impart

Lives to heal.


Remember us

We deserve to be honored too

Our lives DID matter.


Remember us

The world needs to hear our stories too

Our souls need to heal.


Remember us

Help us walk into the light without burdens or anger.

As we heal, so do you.


The next day the voices were quieter until evening.

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