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ancestral lineage healing healing modalities Jun 09, 2021

Healing can be very interesting and very frustrating at the same time. Why? Because as we heal a trauma or block, we are usually peeling away one layer of an onion. It takes time to move through the layers normally to get to the root of the issue.

As we peel the layers, we may observe our beliefs and perspective on people, work, life, choices, basically anything, can change. We may even discover teachers we studied with no longer resonate or we find after a while, they do again. It is a matter of perspective.

This week I listened to the conversations between Gabor Mate and several therapists and healers. This was part of the release of the movie featuring Gabor, The Wisdom of Trauma.  One healer/therapist in particular, Resmaa Menakem, spoke with Gabor and really held my attention.

Now, full disclosure, I read Resmaa's book My Grandmother's Hands, in 2019. I loved it. I resonated with much of what he wrote. I worked with some of his practices. Then I heard him speak at an online conference and I had an entirely different experience of him and his work. To the point I put his book on the shelf and decided his methods were not for me. I did pick up his book on and off in 2020 and being open to listening to him speak with Gabor this week, again changed how I felt about him and his work.

Not every healer or therapist is going to resonate with us. While one might for a while, I think it is rare to follow and study with one teacher for years and years unless that teacher is really growing faster than we are. This is my observation.

As I listened to the conversation though, I realized that I had leveled up, healed things I could not identify, and could better understand Resmaa's perspective. It is a very different thing to READ someone versus LISTEN to them speak or teach. People come across very differently in both scenarios. While I loved his book, as a speaker the first time, I was angry and irritated by what I perceived as his angry 'my way or nothing' approach. In reality - that was not at all what he was saying. His anger or irritated energy was in response to the information he was speaking about and his experiences. In conversation with Gabor, he admitted when he was getting riled up over a topic.

I left the conversation with a new perspective not only on Resmaa and his work but all the teachers and healing modalities I've worked with or studied. Each served a purpose for a certain period of time. Then I fell out of resonance with the teacher or modality as I leveled up. Always, a new teacher would appear or a new modality for me to consider. As I follow the energy each time, I continue to not only upgrade my skills as a healer but also dive more deeply into my personal and ancestral healing.

Healing is never a one-size-fits-all approach. I invite you today to look at who you have worked with. Whose books did you read? How did they impact you (be honest). Who did you fall out of resonance with and why? Who showed up to replace them to help you continue growing and healing?

When we examine these things, we might find more gold than we realized and heal on a deeper layer. It is all a matter of perspective.

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