Family Patterns, Mental Health & Our Kids

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It's time to take a deeper look at our own healing journey and remember our kids are on their own paths. We each came into these bodies with specific soul goals, lessons to learn, experiences to have and people to meet. In the midst of raising kids, I think we often forget this, especially when they don't care about the spiritual or ancestral healing path.

How many times have you tried to share your genealogical finds with your kids, specifically the teens and young adults, only to be told, 'Mom I don't care.'?  In my own experience, my boys were more receptive to the information I discovered and the family artifacts that made their way to us, prior to them becoming teenagers and young adults. Have you observed something similar in your family?

After 2.5 years of global health issues, lockdowns, restrictions, and rules that mostly made no sense yet constantly changed, we are seeing a rise in mental health issues among our teens and young adults. Now, this is not the only age group having issues, but this is where I am focused at the moment. A lot of parents are talking about this issue on social media. In my own family, I'm witnessing this and have been since the whole plan-demic began. As we notice our kids are struggling, are we paying attention to the fact they may be living out toxic family beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that we now know can be examined and released?

My Kids and My Journey

Let's be honest, I've been so absorbed in my own spiritual healing journey since 2015 that I often forget my boys are on their own journeys. That's not to say I don't share with them, but as teens and young adults who have been so indoctrinated at school and through social media, they are not so eager to believe in much of what I believe. The last 2.5 years have taught me, THEY have taught me, to hold space more than I used to. To be the observer more often and just ask more questions than give answers. Kids can be our greatest teachers if we allow the experience to happen.

There have been rare moments when one of them would open up and allow me to share my journey, beliefs, and assist them energetically with their struggles. For the most part though, it's not often they want to know more. Some of this is becoming a teenager. If you are too "weird" or "crazy" or "different/not normal" as compared to everyone around you, it's not socially "good". So teens start conforming and hide those parts of themselves that make them unique. Maybe they bring those parts out at home where it may be safe to be themselves, but in public, it's a different story. My boys were all unique in their gifts and interests regarding spirituality prior to entering high school. Then it all changed.

What I have noticed the last 2.5 years and more recently, is that my boys are living out family patterns that I have been focused on and healing. This really knocked me sideways last week when I realized one in particular is kind of a carbon-copy of me in many aspects and experiences. I was reminded that he is also here to heal himself and the family. To end cycles.

The spiritual and ancestral work I do may assist my boys on their journeys, but they too have their own soul contracts, lessons, and goals. This realization or reminder has led to a lot of thinking the last week along with many questions which I'll share with you.

Questions to ask yourself

  • How much do I share with my child about the family patterns and traumas?
  • How do I share this and start the conversation?
  • How much information is too much information?
  • Can I hold space for them to process?
  • What help or training do I need to help my kids on their spiritual journey?
  • How might sharing this information help or hurt them?
  • What else is possible here to help my kids on their journeys?

These are a just a few questions to start with as you explore ways to deepen the relationship with your kids and share the knowledge. In the end, they each have to choose their own path and make their own decisions on what to do with the information you shared. Hold space for them without judgment. If you do, they will be more likely to communicate their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

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