Book Review: Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life

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The last two years of pandemic have invited all of us to question what we think we know. Question who is actually in charge of (fill in your blank). Question our beliefs, behaviors, patterns, judgments, and life path. This has certainly been true for me and so many people I know, some of whom have been on a conscious spiritual journey for a while and some who are exploring or dipping their toes into this area.

One topic that has come up for me that ties the current global situation and my World War II knowledge are the questions of Medical Experimentation and Genocide. A lot of people are comparing what's happening on the planet with passports and other medical things to the Holocaust. Because of the global narrative about World War II and the Holocaust and what is not being taught in school, most people think Hitler took office on Friday and by Monday he was gassing the "undesirables".

This is not actually how it happened. If you read history and studies, you will discover back in the 1920s, men (primarily) were already discussing doing medical experiments on the "undesirables" and also creating ways (gassing and euthanasia to start) to get rid of them.

Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Life, is a short book that provides the conversation between a lawyer and psychologist about this topic. Is it better for society if certain elites decide who is worth of living and who is not? Does it financially make sense to just murder people that are deemed unworthy of life?

This book is short, written in English for the fist half and the original German in the second. It debates and according to the authors, has a conversation about who should live and who should die. This conversation though, led to a lot of doctors around the world, to take it further and experiment on people who had no idea what was really happening. Or, in Germany for example in the 1930s, before Hitler rose to power, began removing and murdering the deaf, mentally and physically handicapped, World War I veterans with shell shock and other mental issues, and those "undesirables".  Look up the T4 program, Germany 1930s where disabled Germans of all ages were rounded up and gassed.

Even in America we had the Tuskegee Experiment where African Americans were given syphilis and left untreated to see what would happen. More on that in a different book review.

All of this was based on "science". Kind of sound familiar with what we are seeing on the planet today? One by one freedoms are taken away in the name of "science" and "herd mentality". Then some freedoms are given back for a moment only to be taken away. People have questioned why we went from a couple weeks to slow the spread to medical apartheid and passports. It was slow and those who are bought into the narrative are still not seeing what's happening. Those who are awake and aware, questioning, see this, question this, push back.

I recommend this book to anyone right now questioning the global narrative. Put away your high school or college history books and read something that was written and acted upon. Learn the true history of what was already in existence and accepted as ok and normal by German society before Hitler rose to power. You might be surprised or downright shocked at what you learn. All these conversations and things that happened to Germans prior to the war, led up to what was unleashed on the Jews and others during the Holocaust.

Have you read this book? I have a couple others that cover different aspects of this kind of history I'm still reading. Book reviews will go up soon about those.

Are you ready to ask more questions and look at world history in a new way? To start questioning everything you were taught or that was verbally handed to you in the family, at church, in social groups, on television and social media? This book invites you to do that.

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