The Energy of a Place

energy healer intuitive healer lightworker margraten netherlands wwii Jul 18, 2021

As an intuitive and energetic healer, I am drawn to places where events have occurred and still require healing today. In some of those places I have felt the deep evil or negativity that exists in the ground. Places that are now cemeteries or were once battlefields across time. There has even been one place I always felt comfortable and at peace, that once was disrupted.

The American Battle Monuments Commission Cemetery, The Netherlands American Cemetery at Margraten, is one place I always felt at peace. The ABMC cemetery grounds are always immaculate. The energy peaceful. However, one Memorial Day weekend in 2018, I was not at peace when we visited the cemetery to place flowers at some adopted graves.

The energy felt heavy, sad, sick, exhausting. I kept feeling like I did not belong there and needed to leave. The problem was, the following day at the Memorial Day service, I was to lay a wreath for a re-enacting organization. These feelings, this energy was not the norm for me so I sat down on a bench and closed my eyes. Looking around with my third eye, I was able to see a lot of soldiers standing near graves with their buddies. These men had not yet gone to the light. I also saw dark shapes, demons or waywards hanging around. There were so many of them that I felt this is why the energy was dark and heavy.

Connecting to Source/God, I sat there a while and sent the demons to the light which immediately began lightening the energy of the cemetery. I also offered the soldiers a way home. Some of them accepted and went into the light. Others did not. When I was finished, the energy was much better and I felt I was still welcome to be in that space and attend the service the next day.

It was also at Margraten in 2016 that I met a Unknown Soldier buried in the far back right of the cemetery. A soldier who was not happy to still be buried there when he should have been identified. I was able to learn what the grave’s X-File number was for his death file. It didn’t take long to get both his X-File and IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File) and learn who he was and why he wasn’t fully identified and sent home for burial.

The soldier’s name is John Gordon, who happened to live about 40 minutes away from where I have lived the last 20 years. It is no coincidence he tapped into me and I him. While I did research, connected with his cousin and attempted to contact his daughter after I discovered his story, no action was taken by the family, to my knowledge. He still rests at Margraten and is not pleased to be there.

Learn more about my journey with John Gordon

When the Dead Speak - an article on my WWII Research & Writing Center website (2016). Be sure to read this because I link his X-File and IDPF to the article for you to download and read.

My video on John (2018) - Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel

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