Journey with the Souls of War

A Transformational Masterclass

Hosted by Jennifer Holik, Ancestral Souls Wisdom School

Start your journey to the past and transform your life...

This is not a military research course. You do not need your research files. 

Have you ever wondered why your family has certain generational beliefs, behaviors, and patterns, and where they originated? Have you wondered why certain topics around military service or war (or other traumatic family events) have been kept secret or only whispered about (and not in earshot of children)? Have you noticed YOU carry some of your military ancestors’ unfulfilled dreams, traumas, PTSD, or other emotions and patterns?

Have you intuitively felt that something about your family stories is not quite “right” or truthful? Have you ever run away from home to escape the patterns, abuse, or issues that seemed to never end? Have you later returned "home" to forgive, process, and heal? Are YOU the family healer? The one who came here to end the cycles?

If so, this class will transform your life on many levels.

Journey with Jennifer, as she guides you back in time through the fog and mists of your family’s history, stories, experiences, patterns, and traumas. Hear Jennifer’s shocking story about carrying her World War II grandparent’s war traumas and unfulfilled dreams. Learn how she identified the World War II trauma that she carried throughout her life and relationships, and how she healed and ended those cycles.

Join a community of travelers in a safe, sacred healing container to discuss experiences, stories, and emotions around the themes of war, religion, women, spirituality, family, stories, patterns, trauma, inherited trauma, caregiver issues, secrets, shame, guilt, PTSD, and many other topics that come from the book, my questions, and your family’s experiences.

Depart the fog and mists as you arrive in your own stories and experiences to deepen the understanding of who you are and why you are, based on your ancestral history. Identify, heal, release, transform, and end destructive or toxic family and personal cycles.

In this experiential course we will explore ways to heal the issues and patterns that arise through your deep personal and family research and writing and self-exploration. Using the book, Reconciliation with War, you will be exposed to one woman’s life, departure from home and self, healing, and return. While this book focuses on the World War II experience, the themes, family patterns and issues, healing journey, and resources apply to all traumatic experiences. Course participants will find something within this book and course they can use now, and in the future, to deepen their relationship with family and self. You will be able to take this knowledge and apply to many aspects of your personal life and ancestral lineage healing practice.

Are You Ready to Transform?

Each live Zoom session will begin with a short grounding meditation to create a safe, sacred container in which we can discuss the week’s reading themes and do our healing work. Jennifer will then guide the group through a series of discussion questions, while tuning into the energy of the group to take the session where it needs to go. In past sessions, students required a more in-depth approach to certain topics or more time on one theme as they share their family stories or struggles during the live Zooms.

All emotions and topics are allowed in these sessions. Harassment, bullying, or negative energies will not be tolerated. You are not required to share in every Zoom session, but it is encouraged. There may be times the topic of the week triggers or activates you in some way that requires you to observe rather than share. It is all ok. In past sessions together we have laughed, cried, done deeper energy healing for those who required it and from which everyone benefits. There is no wrong way to process our family and personal experiences.

We always honor each person’s journey.

What People Are Saying.....

Your Family's War Journey Masterclass with Jennifer Holik was the perfect way for me to understand the context and importance of my lifelong desire to write about my uncle's World War II service and to get me writing!  The tools and technologies were state of the art, and I can say that having successfully taught graduate classes for 20 years in nationally accredited programs.  Maybe best of all is Jennifer's insight, encouragement, and vast store of connections to pursue answers.  I would encourage anyone with a WWII story to pursue, to get on board here!

~ Barbara Smith, Ph.D.

Course Participants Receive

Course Materials

You are required to purchase the book "Reconciliation with War" by Janelle Kaye and Charles Willshire. Details will be provided in your email after purchase of course. This book is available on Amazon.

Participants receive:

  • Eight weeks of live Zoom meetings in which we will create community, discuss the reading material, share and explore our family stories, and do some energy healing. Each session will begin with a few questions and then we see where the group needs to go with the material and their own family stories, traumas, and issues.
  • Weekly workbooks with reading assignments and pre-and post-live session journaling questions to help you explore your own family's history on a deeper level. These questions combined with live Zooms provide you with tools, strategies, and opportunities to create change in your life.
  • Weekly workbook or worksheet containing additional resources pertaining to that week’s topics.
  • A 30-minute private Ancestral Codes healing session.
  • Bonus live training on Genograms. A tool to help you identify your family’s generational patterns.
  • Military Research and writing resources. This is not a military research course. You will not need access to your genealogy or military files.
  • Bonus e-books, courses, and discounts.

There is no homework to turn in.

Additional resources to be added as needed based on participants' needs.

Weekly Live Sessions

Participants receive eight weeks of group facilitation through live Zoom meetings. Each live session will run 1 -1.5 hours on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. CST. Replays will be available in the student portal for this course. Session dates:

8 February 2023 (Meet & Greet/Info session)

15 February 2023 - Early Life & War Years

We will explore the early life of Charley, a 9th Division soldier and his family.

1 March 2023 - Boom Years         

An exploration of the post-war years and the effects military service and combat had on returning veterans their families.

15 March 2023 - Escape & Healing

Many of us “run away” to escape the pain we grow up in at home. We will explore Janelle’s choices to leave her family, marry someone that felt “normal”, and the effects of her choices.

22 March 2023 - Bonus class Introduction to Genograms

Explore this amazing tool to help you identify family beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas that have been passed through the generations.

29 March 2023 - Healing (Charley & Jane)

Explore Janelle’s parents healing experience.

12 April 2023 - Janelle's Healing (Steps 1-7)

Begin the exploration of Janelle’s healing experience. How does it compare to your own or that of your family?

19 April 2023 - Janelle's Healing (Steps 8-15) & Reconciliation

Wrapping up Janelle’s healing experience and discussing reconciliation in the family.

26 April 2023 - Wrap-Up

Final course session in which we will answer questions, discuss final resources, and next steps for participants.

Private Ancestral Codes Session

A 30-minute private Ancestral Codes session with Jennifer to help you process and explore what is coming up for you in the class, take a deeper look at your family history to identify limiting beliefs, behaviors, patterns or traumas that are holding you back, or do a short energy healing.

Each session is customized for the client and will utilize different tools (timelines, mindmaps, genograms, energy healing, etc.).

Journaling/meditation prompts may be given to the client to work with after the session.

This session must be scheduled before 19 April 2023 and held by 26 April 2023.

Research and Writing Education

Course participants receive some military research and writing education through reading assignments, writing assignments, checklists, and videos.

This is not a military research course but I will be briefly discussing research for WWI-Vietnam on Week 2 and will be answering questions.

Bonus Materials

To deepen the connect between yourself and your ancestors, you receive the following bonus materials.

  • Meditation and grounding exercises to help balance your physical, emotional, and mental bodies as you heal. 
  • Video: Starting Your WWII Research
  • Ebooks: Starting WWII Research. Finding the Answers in the IDPF. Researching Women in World War II.
  • Caregiver Resource Worksheet.
  • Bonus class: Introduction to Genograms. I will teach this class live on 22 March 2023 for course participants. A replay will be available in your student portal for this course.
  • $50 discount on my Stories from the Battlefield Seminar.

What People Are Saying.....

This class enriched and transformed my World War II family research quest in ways I could not have imagined. Jennifer Holik is a gifted facilitator who helped me to unearth memories, make unexpected connections between past and present, and clarify the direction of my WWII project.  Her extensive knowledge and rare intuition, along with the well-organized curriculum, created a warm and productive virtual environment for learning and sharing insights with a wonderful group of participants. As I move forward, I plan to make frequent use of the generous amount of helpful materials that the course makes available to view or download following the sessions. I highly recommend this class to all who are drawn to discovering and understanding how war and its aftermath have affected them and their loved ones.

~Janet B.

Master Class Targets

  1. Expose you to one powerful and emotive way to write a family history, military history, or memoir. 
  2. Invite you to explore the ways in which your family’s stories and experience are similar to the author’s. To realize that each of us at one point or another in life, must face the past and choose to either s away from the past or heal and transform our lives. 
  3. Create a community with others to discuss lingering issues from World War II and any war. To discuss the ways our lives and our family’s lives are similar and different. Each of our families carries some form of secrets, shame, guilt, anger, grief, PTSD, inherited trauma, and other low vibrational energies. You are invited to explore how can we shift the relationships within our families and the world by processing our family's issues and stories. You are invited to remain in contact with your classmates after the course ends. 
  4. Provide you with tools for research, writing, and self-exploration strategies to assist you on your healing journey after this course ends.  
  5. Help you find answers and closure to some of your family's past. You may bring closure to some issues in your own life. 
  6. Invite you to write your stories, whether they are family history, military history, or your own experiences. 
  7. Provide education on military research and writing. 
  8. Provide you with a healing/coaching experience to expose you to the benefits of 1-1 energy healing/coaching sessions.  
  9. Provide energetic healing tools, meditations, and grounding exercises to help you process what comes up for you in your research and writing. These exercises and tools also help in day to day life when things become overwhelming. 

What People Are Saying.....

If you are involved at all with trying to follow and understand your family's journey related to loved ones who served in the military, I highly recommend working with Jennifer. Jennifer is passionate about helping people with their journey--whether is it doing research, trying to understand the impact on the family, or putting thoughts and findings to pen and paper. All of the webinars I have participated in have been fun, interesting, and useful.

For over 20 years I have been trying to learn about my uncle who was MIA in Europe during WWII. At first, I thought my quest was to learn all the facts and details about where he was, what he did, and what happened to him. What I have started doing along the way--and why I appreciate Jennifer so much--is delving into the equally compelling and more important story about the impact of my uncle's loss on the family. In many cases, I knew things from my own memories and previous conversations with relatives that I had not connected to the war. After going through a Master Class with Jennifer based on the book Reconciliation with War, I was able to connect the dots and get a much better picture of what the collective family had been going through. Jennifer is now helping me edit the draft of a book about my uncle's story and the impact on the family. I greatly appreciate her insight and expertise.

Besides being knowledgable, Jennifer is friendly, warm, and genuine. I enjoy working with her and now consider her a good friend.  

~Phil Rosenkrantz, Author of "Letters from Uncle Dave."

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  • Workbooks for each live session.
  • Bonus Live Genogram Class.
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  • Research & writing education.
  • Bonus materials!
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  • 8 Live Class Sessions.
  • Workbooks for each live session.
  • Bonus Live Genogram Class.
  • No homework to turn in.
  • 30-Minute private session with Jennifer (a $90 value!)
  • Research & writing education.
  • Bonus materials!
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You receive

  • 8 Live Class Sessions.
  • Workbooks for each live session.
  • Bonus Live Genogram Class.
  • No homework to turn in.
  • 30-Minute private session with Jennifer (a $90 value!)
  • Research & writing education.
  • Bonus materials!
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Meet Your Guide....

I'm Jennifer, I help people identify and release ancestral beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas that hold them back from creating their most abundant, amazing life.

As a young child I knew I was here to help transform the world. I’ve always been the quiet weird outsider who observed and stood witness to the silent suffering of humanity. I’m a cosmic intuitive puzzle master, seeing and feeling what lies beyond the veil. This enables me to identify repeating patterns, connect the dots and piece the complex puzzle of our individual and collective stories together. These gifts have allowed me to heal some deep ancestral traumas and end toxic cycles in my family.

Guided by my military ancestors, more than 25 years ago, I stepped on the family & military history research trail. That journey allowed me to connect more deeply with my ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and others beyond the veil. I created a genealogy business which quickly transformed into a military research, speaking, and writing business. Explore military research articles, videos, records, resources, and my books at the WWII Research & Writing Center.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to live and travel in Europe and create a life both in Chicago and near Amsterdam. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, and culture. For several years I was married to a Dutch man who lived with cancer and other life-threatening health issues. I developed PTSD as I traversed the layers of his health issues in addition to living two different lives on two continents, while facing my own triggers and ancestral patterns.  We were so energetically connected, that as I accompanied him on his journey as he moved closer to death, I also faced issues of grief, compassion fatigue, caregiver responsibilities, and how I would survive and thrive after the relationship ended. Identifying the ancestral patterns I was living with him helped me heal and move forward after the relationship ended and he died.

In Europe, I visited battlefields & burial sites, religious & cultural sites, heard family & war stories, some of which brought me to my knees in grief as I channeled the people telling the stories. I understand history, context, and perspectives that many people do not. This makes me unique in the way I can help clients heal on both sides of the ocean to explore their personal & ancestral family patterns & war trauma.

To heal my PTSD and personal and ancestral patterns, I worked with energy healers and studied ancestral lineage healing, energy healing modalities, inherited trauma, grief & loss, and caregiving. It took several years but I came out the other side of PTSD, released many traumatic and toxic family patterns and am thriving.

I am excited to help you discover the stories of your ancestors and heal. Welcome to the Ancestral Souls Wisdom School and this cosmic healing journey we travel together.