What is a genogram? A genogram is a tool that resembles a family tree through which we use symbols to identify family beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. There are many themes that can be explored using this tool. This workshop will touch on the foundational work. 

Are you interested in better understanding why you are who you are? Why your family and ancestors held certain beliefs, behaviors, and patterns?

In this interactive workshop, I will help you create a basic genogram, learn basic symbols, and start to identify patterns in your family.

Using this information and worksheet provided, you will have a new tool to take with you to family events this holiday season. You will have new questions to ask and new connections to pursue through family interviews and more genealogy / military research.

Warning! You might be shocked about what you discover using this tool. These discoveries can end old family cycles, help you heal yourself and your ancestors, and create a new reality for you moving forward. This is one tool that has certainly changed my life in the last couple of years.

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Interactive Workshop

This is a Zoom Meeting and questions are encouraged! I will do a little facilitation with students as time permits as we create our first genograms.

Worksheets & Resources

Receive worksheets with questions/writing prompts and example genograms to help you continue your exploration after the workshop. Grab a large pad of paper or a white board and genograms can be a family history activity.

Continued Discovery

Using the tools, worksheets, and resources provided, you will have the foundation you need to take your exploration to a new level. Additional genogram classes will be offered in 2022. This foundation will be required before taking those class.

Meet Your Guide on this Journey

Hello! I'm Jennifer!

I’ve been on a conscious personal healing journey for more than a decade. My journey began while researching & writing about my family & military history. My military ancestors helped me dive deeper into my personal & ancestral trauma to heal.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to travel in Europe & create a life both there & in Chicago. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, culture, got a deep dive into grief when I became a caregiver to someone I was in a relationship with & more, which gave me a unique perspective on our world & the layers of trauma we each carry, no matter where we live. Each experience I had in Europe gave me awareness & puzzle pieces for my healing & the healing of our ancestors & the collective. Puzzle pieces & awareness I can now share with you.

We are all connected no matter where we live, what our culture is, what our trauma has been….when one heals, we all heal.

Explore more of my military research work, over six years of articles, record examples, videos, and all the books I've written at the WWII Research & Writing Center.

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