Patterns Can Skip Generations

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Healing is like peeling an onion. You go layer by layer. The same applies to locating information for our family history or doing our ancestral healing. I invite you to ask yourself, 'Am I skimming the surface just to enter people into my tree or am I going down the rabbit hole to learn as much as possible about them and myself?'

I've been a genealogical researcher for over 25 years and many people just 'collect' others for their family tree. It's a numbers game. Or they gather the 'usual' genealogical documents to add some facts. That's normally where most people stop. Sadly, this level of exploration does not help you shift out of toxic or outdated family beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. Nor does it allow you space to identify the traumas you carry because your ancestors could not or chose not to process their own issues and experiences.

There are a lot of people out there talking about inherited trauma / transgenerational trauma / multigenerational trauma and epigentics and how it goes from generation to generation. However, when you dive deeper into the records and family stories, you may discover patterns and traumas that appear to skip generations. Or perhaps they apply to only the women or men in a line. In identifying this deeper level that we better get to know ourselves and our ancestors. Here we can also start to heal and release the traumas and patterns so we can create more joyful and abundant lives and heal our ancestral lineage.

When you dive deeper, ask questions like this:

  • How often does this pattern or trauma show up? Every generation? Does it skip?
  • How many in the generation does it affect? Who does it affect - men or women or both? Old and young or both?
  • How many perspectives can I look at to better understand the beliefs, behaviors, and patterns plus traumas I find in the records or family stories?
  • Who is still living that might be able to tell me more about the patterns and traumas I have identified?
  • In what ways am I living these patterns and traumas? How are they affecting my life?

Are you diving deeper into the records or just collecting people and basic facts? It's all a choice, but soon we are going to discover as a collective, that doing the deeper work is necessary. If you'd like help identifying what's happened and is happening in your family, schedule a genogram session today and let's get started. See below for more information.

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Would you like help identifying your personal and ancestral patterns?

There are two ways I can help you identify personal and ancestral patterns that might be holding you back and not allowing you to release and let go. I offer private facilitation sessions and genogram sessions. You can learn why these are valuable and how they can help you by exploring the differences on the Facilitation & Genogram Session page.

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