Paper Trail or Ancestral Intervention or Both?

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Sometimes in our pursuit of paper records to document an ancestor's life and journey, we hit a brick wall. Sometimes the only way to obtain more information is through connection with the specific ancestor or family of the ancestors.

Most researchers will tell you this is not appropriate and you can't document something you channeled. There must be a paper trail. I disagree.

I think sometimes the answers we need can be found by connecting with our ancestors and listening to the intuition. Just because we can't always prove something with a paper trail does not make it untrue.

The universe has vast mysteries and now is the time to start exploring them. Who knows what we will learn and how much we can heal if we step into the unknown and start to go within to hear our soul and our ancestors' voices.

You can watch my video where I tell the end of my great grand uncle Michael Kokoska's WWI story. You can read his full story and others in my book, Stories of the Lost, available in the BOOKS section of this website. While his story has footnotes that link to newspapers, letters, genealogy and military records, some of his story was channeled, particularly pieces of the end.

How have you connected with your ancestors and gained knowledge? This is something to sit with and explore. At Ancestral Souls Wisdom School we are going to dive into topics like this. No censorship. No judgment. No labeling. Just a sacred space to explore all possibilities that may exist for each of us. Would you like to join a community like this? If so, I invite you to explore my new Ancestral Cafe Membership program. The first live session starts early August!

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