We Are Not Our Grandparents' Children

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What do you think of that title? Are you confused? Wondering what the heck that sentence means?

Do you have a child, teen, or young adult who is "different", diagnosed with ADHD or autism? A child that requires additional support, whatever that looks like, plus patience. A child that encourages or forces you to up your parenting game and become more conscious? If so, keep reading.

We are not our grandparents' children.

If we look at the generations that came before us, how they were raised, the values, the technology available, the societal/governmental/cultural/religious/educational programming pushed upon them, we will see great differences. We will also see that many hid their intuitive gifts because, 1) there may not have been tools to help them understand and use them. 2) It may not have been safe to use the intuitive gifts. Societies have been ruled by fear in every generation. It just looks different in each one.  3) There may have been a threat of  persecution or being locked up for a "mental illness" because they used their gifts.

Even if I only asked you to compare, in general, your children or grandchildren, the lives they live, what they are exposed to, what they must deal with as they grow, you would say it is vastly different than your experience as a child, teen, and young adult. Some might say it is a worse, more traumatic time to grow up in, especially the last two years with 24/7 constant media, education, religious, societal fear mongering to keep humanity under control. To obey. To conform. All depends on your perspective and ancestral history.

We Are Not Our Grandparents' Children

The last few generations of children born have included great numbers of intuitive, gifted children here to hold the light and frequency as humanity undergoes a mass awakening. Some call these star children or starseeds. It may be that these children choose the parents they want to have the highest growth experience with so they can reach their highest potential. (Not everyone agrees we choose our own parents.) This often means life is not easy for them. There are a lot of old wounds from past lives, inherited ancestral traumas, and childhood wounds/trauma that must be faced, healed, and released. Some of these children grow up in abusive, toxic relationship.

Several types of intuitive children have been "named" (there may be more so do your own research). Do you identify with any of these? Do you notice your child(ren) may identify with one of these?

Indigo children. These children are born with a warrior spirit. They are here to end old destructive cycles and change the systems. Create something new that benefits all of humanity.  Many of us have been diagnosed (or not) with ADHD because of our gifts, our being "different" than everyone around us. It is said that the 1960s and early 1970s are when these children began emerging on the planet. Some also say in the 1980s, more were born.

Crystal children. These children are here to build the new systems and worlds after we have taken down the old. These children carry higher frequencies and may be (mis)diagnosed with autism because they are so intuitive and do not require spoken language to communicate. Typically born between 1990-2010.

Rainbow children. These children are here to be of service. These are the newest starseeds on the planet. These children are said to have started arriving around 2000, with some before this date.

No matter when your children were born, you may have noticed one or all of them are intuitive, creative, gifted, different, or may have been diagnosed with ADHD, autism or something else as a way to label and destroy their inherent gifts in a society that demands conformity and the idea of "normal". You may also intuitively know one of your children is here to change the world.

Supporting the humanity changing children, teens, & young adults

I identify as an indigo child. I am aware I have crystal children, although they are all different. As a parent, this is what I have done, learned, or had to shift within myself to allow my children to be who they need to be. No force, just allowance.

When my children were born I had an intuitive knowing they were here for something greater than to just exist.

One of my children had a difficult start to life, a difficult first year, and several challenges as he has grown into a teenager. I saw his gifts, his creativity, and had to develop great patience, from his birth, to be able to guide him. His father often ruled with an energy of fear and conforming which did not sit well with me. In many ways because he was so different from his brothers, I also tried to protect him from those who would harm him in some way. This required I learn patience to a greater depth. I learned how to hold space (although that lesson also came at a deeper level later). I learned how to let go of control and be more in the energy of allowance. And eventually, that I divorce their father and show them something else was possible.

Reinforcing that each of my children had gifts that should be developed, not hidden, was a constant message in my home. Shine your light. Create your life the way YOU want, not how your father wants or I want. There are many other choices available than what your father and I had. Be exactly who you are. Live without fear. Do not hide your creativity, imagination, energy. As most teens do, to fit in, they hid many of their gifts. I feel certain when the time is right, they will be free to be themselves in all ways.

Since 2020 and all the world changes, I've also had to look at the family patterns I was still carrying and heal myself. I really had to let go of self-judgment to do this work. I knew what I knew then and did the best I could then. Doing this deep shadow work and getting clear and honest about the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors I was still carrying, allowed me to give my children more space to choose what was going to be right for them. Consequences come with every choice we make, positive and negative. However, they had reached the ages where they needed to make some choices and learn from them, no matter what happened. All I could do is hold space. Be here for them when they needed a soft, loving, non-judgmental, no screaming at them, place to land.

Where do we go from here?

Our world is changing and soon we are going to see even more evidence of the shadow sides rising - of humanity, politics, religion, education, you name it. We have been seeing it, but are we really doing our own shadow work to heal those things within ourselves? When we heal ourselves we heal the world.

Some may say, if your children are teens and young adults, how is healing yourself helping them?   When we heal ourselves, we begin to emit a different energy, frequency, and vibration. We respond instead of react. We hold more space for them. Our love is greater. The healing works not only for us but up and down our bloodlines. Whether our children know it or not, no matter the age, they will constantly transform on an unconscious level if we are doing our inner work.

Parents will need to stand strong in their own light and love and support these children, teens, and young adults as they process what has happened, what is happening, and begin to create a new reality.

Parents will need to hold space and stop forcing our kids to obey, conform, be normal, and not step out of line or not step out of the box they were shoved into with all the labels and restrictions. Parents need to step up and take responsibility for our own beliefs, behaviors, and patterns so we can be an example to our children. We need to shine our own lights so they feel safe to shine theirs.

Most of all we need to be open, allow space and a place for our kids to come when they need to regroup. Recharge. Cry. Scream. Go into a dark night of the soul. To heal.

How are you supporting your special children? Are you being your grandparents child or grandchild and forcing the same outdated, negative beliefs, behaviors, and patterns on them out of fear? Or are you standing in your light and inviting them to do the same?

Do you need private support with this? I offer facilitation/coaching sessions where we can work 1-1 on your research and healing. I also offer many workshops to help you explore this on your own.

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