Moving On.....Letting Go of Personal and Ancestral Patterns

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I've been writing about my journey of moving on and letting it relates to my former marriage to a Dutch man and the ancestral patterns we lived. Some patterns are still playing out just with different family members now. The cycles I came here to end are reaching a completion point. In talking with several close friends, they too are on a path of moving on and letting go. I am not alone in this and if you are reading this, neither are you. Many of us who came here to end cycles are being tested, pushed beyond where we thought we could go, and in some ways forced to face our personal and ancestral shadows.

Many of us chose this lifetime to identify the toxic and traumatic beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and inherited traumas we carry within our DNA, our energy fields, our bodies. These beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas may affect all areas of our lives and spill into our relationships. Are you exploring why you continue to jump into the same kind of relationship or job or volunteer group or other thing in your life that never seems to make you happy? Never seems to evolve as you hope? Always attracts toxic people into your life? If not, why not?

When we start the process of identifying what's keeping us stuck, we can use a variety of methods to release those patterns and energies. Ancestral healing, energy healing, Reiki, quantum hypnosis, genograms, writing, family history, and so many other options. Each method we use may serve us for a time but not work for us forever. The more we let go and higher our vibration rises, the faster we level up and need different tools.

Addictions, Avoiding our Pain, Ignoring our Patterns

What happens when we dive into addiction to deal with our pain (meaning avoid it)? What happens when we ignore the patterns that keep showing up? We tend to spiral deeper into whatever dis-ease or depression/anxiety or place of lack and fear we were already in. How does that feel for you? Is it a contribution to your life to continue to ignore? Another question to ask is are the friends you confide in as you move through this process helpful or do they suggest things that will keep you from the pain and keep you spiraling downward? Are you just unsure where to begin this process?

It's been almost five months since the former Dutch husband died, two months after the divorce was final. He still shows up in my dreams from time to time to give me "final exams" on lessons I chose to learn in this lifetime. Although he reincarnated about a month and a half after death, at this point when he appears it just irritates me. I've done so much energetic work to release us from any bonds we had that I'm just over him. Yet there he is.

It's been a strange thing this long energetic release from the energy we had together - not just from this lifetime but all lifetimes. It's been a process. Add to this his energy shifted after he died and again after he reincarnated. I'm very aware he's somewhere/someone else now but in another timeline still who he was. It's hard to explain and none of my ancestors ever showed up with this kind of energy.

After another dream a few nights ago, a friend told me to basically 'get drunk, get laid, move on' from the Dutch husband. Ahhh if it was only that easy. That is also not my preferred way to deal with my energetic patterns, cords with people, or ancestral traumas. I used to numb out while moving through all the stressful health stuff with the Dutch husband by drinking too much coffee, eating too many sweets, and burying myself in work - staying busy. Those were my addictions and they harmed my health and well-being.

Those types of things only keep you stuck, invite in lower energies, and repeating old patterns. Plus if we talk about sex, when you engage in those activities, you take on the energies and baggage of the person you are with. Do you really want to 'get laid' and take on someone else's crap just to feel good for 5 minutes? Personally I do not choose that. In the end you'll probably end up harming yourself more than if you actually looked at what's keeping you stuck and move through it. Each person chooses how or if they let go and move on in a way that works for them. Makes no difference how anyone else deals or denies their pain. It doesn't affect me. I am only responsible for my choices.

You always have a choice

No matter which path you choose - identify the personal and ancestral beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas, or ignore them, it's all your choice. Every choice has a consequence. The right path or addiction for one person does not work for another. It also might be time to just allow others to be where they are and give ourselves grace to be where we are in our pain in each moment. No judgement allowed.

I can say from using energy tools and the genogram with some timelines, I have been more easily able to identify patterns I am carrying. Then the hard work begins to take an honest look at where I've been functioning from and heal and release. Let it go and move on. It brings immense peace on the other side when we do our inner work.

Would you like that same peace?

Would you like help identifying your personal and ancestral patterns?

There are two ways I can help you identify personal and ancestral patterns that might be holding you back and not allowing you to release and let go. I offer private facilitation sessions and genogram sessions. You can learn why these are valuable and how they can help you by exploring the differences on the Facilitation & Genogram Session page.

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