We Are Mirrors For Each Other

ancestral lineage healing genealogy personal healing Aug 19, 2021

Do you dream when you sleep? I do. Over the last year my dreams have changed and some nights I feel as if I'm living a different reality or timeline with the people close to me. Different scenarios play out - often better ones than what we are living in this current reality.

Dreams for me always provide messages. Sometimes in the form of animals, a scare where I need to respond or react a certain way and can or cannot. A family member or lover showing up doing something that either calms or triggers me or gives a message or warning.

The last couple of nights as the energies on the planet ramp up and I've spent almost three full days moving through my maternal genealogy trying to find answers to decades long questions, I have gotten a very clear message. STOP BEING SILENT. STOP "PROTECTING" PEOPLE.

Last night again in a dream, someone was trying to invade my home and I could not scream beyond a whisper. I was very clearly told that once again, for many reasons, I have silenced or quieted my voice. This can no longer be tolerated for my personal growth and life that I choose to create moving forward.

The thing is, I have kept quiet about a lot of topics because of various reasons we all keep quiet. I want to keep the peace. I don't want to upset someone. I am holding someone's secret (even though everyone already knows). I am "protecting" someone's privacy (even when everyone already knows). I am doing [fill in the blank] whatever as a detriment to my personal growth and happiness because of someone else's possible reaction or response.

We all do this. And we are all mirrors to the other. These people, both living and dead, I'm "protecting" by whispering or being silent, are just mirroring to me where my shadows are. Where my blocks are. Where the deeper layers of my healing and my lineage's healing are.

I do the same to them through my voice, the way I live, I show them their shadow side and trigger them.  They would get angry. One became very abusive to me and my children. A few don't know how to process what happened so shut down. It used to freak me out and send me into deeper silence or walk on eggshells around them. At this point in my journey I'd say I've healed at least 75% of those issues. Now I know better when to continue speaking to them and when to be quiet. It is easier to recognize when they can't "hear and understand" my higher vibration and words.

What has happened over the last year and a half though on the planet as more people choose division, judgment, and hate, instead of unity, non-judgment, and love, is that while many of us are doing our deep inner work, we go in waves of silencing ourselves to then speaking loudly again. As old layers peel away, and something deeper emerges, it is not always easy to stay in the energy of speaking our truth without fear. If anyone tells you they are never afraid and are always fine as they doing their healing work, they are lying. I have not met anyone, even those who are far beyond me in their energy work, who can always live in the highest energy and truth every minute of every day.

It is time again that we look at ourselves and where we are functioning from. Start speaking more loudly. I'm not saying go blast everyone's private stuff, but stop being silent. We are not helping ourselves, our ancestors, or humanity by being silent.

The next time someone says, posts, or does something that triggers you and you want to be quiet - ask yourself WHY. Take some quiet time to move into and through that. When you do this, you heal yourself, your ancestors, and humanity. Your light shines even brighter.

It is time to shine and speak. As for me, I'm looking deeper into why I have chosen to "protect" certain people I love. Living and dead. Where does that come from? Which ancestors also did that and why? I'm not responsible for their actions or choices then or now. It's time to drop them all by the roadside.

Today I invite you to look in the mirror. What do you see? Who do you see? What do you now want to change to create something greater in your life and for humanity?

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