Letting Go of the Story

5d ancestors consciousness energy healing family history intuitive healer stories Oct 27, 2021

There is a process to letting go of the stories that disempower us and hold us back. That process is different for everyone. After having spent years in my own stories and moving through depression and anxiety, I finally found several ways to find answers to my questions, release stories, find closure and heal.

For me, since 2012, letting go for me primarily came in two forms. Extensive personal journaling, writing for the public, and using energetic healing modalities.

In 2012 when I moved out and divorced, I began writing a lot, both for myself and the world. At one point I began channeling my great grandpa Joe who basically told me in my journal, that after holding my emotions and thoughts in for most of my life, it was better for me to release my emotions constructively through my writing than any other way. He was nicely saying – write rather than become a menace to society. Not that becoming a menace was ever a consideration for me, but I got his point. He knew writing would help me move out of my decades-long depression, which it did along with energetic healing. He also knew it was one reason I chose this life. To heal the present and past.

Releasing my past and some of my stories was also possible through several energetic healing modalities I learned or experienced. I use these every day of my life and my life continues to expand in ways I never expected. The depression and anxiety I suffered were gone in a flash. The migraines I had for several years were also removed. Some of the old stories that I used to believe as true which disempowered me, were leaving. I’m not saying that sometimes my insecurities never rise or the stories never come back. When they do, I generally move out of that energy quickly, though there are times if I am honest, that I play in it too long.

Energetic holistic healing is not for everyone. It is something that has helped change my life on every level. I do sprinkle this into all of my work but that does not mean you have to choose this for yourself if that does not work for you. There are many other ways to release the past. Many of my clients process and release through the creation in art, music, photography, sculpting, exercise, and many other avenues. Often these other avenues provide moments in which the individual is in a meditative state. That calm state also allows healing and release to occur.

Letting go of the story allows us to move beyond our judgments and limitations we put on ourselves and others. It opens the door to answers, closure, and release. Ask yourself, and just perceive the energy, ‘How would my life change if I let go of just one of my stories?’

Today I invite you to look at the stories you tell yourself. What would happen if you let them go? How would your reality shift? What greater things could be created and show up for you?

If you would like to explore more of your stories, sign up for my course, Exploring Family Patterns and Stories. It might just change how you look at yourself and your family.

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