Let's Normalize Genealogy & Ancestral Communication

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In my almost 30 years as a genealogical researcher, historian, and military researcher, I have often heard researchers talk about  genealogy serendipity. Or how they sensed their ancestor wanted them to keep going through the microfilm just a few more pages and BAM! What they were seeking was there. While this is accepted, this serendipity, the idea that we can communicate in various ways (hearing, seeing, smelling, feeling, sensing) our ancestors, angels, spirit guides, or whomever else you believe is out there, is labeled quite often as crazy. Too much. Woo-woo. And people are shunned from groups because there is no room for anything but a solid paper trail.

In most conversations I have with researchers, when we take the time to talk about our family history, life experiences, strange happenings, military and ancestral healing work, the conversation often turns to how we communicate with our ancestors.

You might be surprised at how many researchers speak with or sense their ancestors and have to hide it away because the larger group disapproves.

Isn't it time we normalize ancestral communication and stop hiding our gifts?

It's no secret I have been in communication with my ancestors and other people's ancestors, the land (particularly battlefields) and spirit guides and angels for years. I've also made no secret that some parts of the books I wrote about my ancestors were channeled. Yes there is a paper trail to the facts for genealogy and military records but those stories also contain channeled material.

My ancestors and other people's ancestors have helped me grow, change my life, create new things, be of greater service, and most importantly HEAL. I have no shame about working with those beyond the veil or whatever is out there.

Maybe the more of us that talk about how we communicate, the easier it will be for others to step into the light and stop hiding their gifts. The more of us who shine and use our gifts, the faster humanity will heal.

Will you be a light to guide others today and share your stories?

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