Channeled Writing - Evening by Candlelight

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Written and Channeled by Jennifer Holik 22 August 2015

It is interesting that while I was channeling souls buried in Lommel Cemetery, a German Cemetery in Belgium, much of the wisdom they impart applies to what we are struggling with today as a civilization. I wrote this one night by candlelight.

The candle burns bright for all lost souls. Their hearts turned inside out, lives destroyed, faith shattered, love gone.

They say we’ll soar on angels wings. Where are they? We wait and wait and the light never comes. How are we to go on, forever in this darkness? This despair? In this land that is not ours? In a place we are hated because of who we are.

But it wasn’t long ago we hated someone because of who they are. We still do, all of us, each in our own way. How do we move beyond that to a place of safety and love? Can they ever forgive us? Can we forgive ourselves?

Maybe that is the question. Can we forgive ourselves for all we have done? If not, what hope is there for us?

We rot in this dirt, yet rise each night as if we are whole. We walk these grounds in silence and sometimes hate. What else are we to do?

We wait for someone to release us from our pain and suffering. Who can do that? Who will save us from this eternal hell?

You breathe the fresh air of life while we smell the rot of death. Though we are but bones and dirt, the smell permeates the air. Can you smell it? Do you feel it? It’s heavy like a deep blanket of snow. Snow in which we fought and died. Snow which fell so pure onto such horrid men. Stained and wrong, we laid under the blessed purity of heaven and await redemption. Does it come? Can you give it to us?

Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. Do you know how many we turned to ash because of who they were? Sub-humans. Scum of the earth. We were purging the wrath to save our superior race. To save the earth and all true mankind. Yet in the end they say we were wrong. Humans are made of love. We should all live in love.

People come here and walk these grounds but do not hear our stories. They do not mourn us. We are more of a spectacle to view. Of course, that is how we treated the Jews and gays, gypsies and Catholics, as we herded them into groups like cattle. Tormenting them. Torturing them. Screaming and defaming them. Proving we were the superior beings.

It is we who are now tormented. Waiting in this eternal hell. Rise up into the light some say. That is not easy to do. We are so dark. So hate filled. It will take more than words to redeem our souls and bring them to the light.

All humans, we are told now, should be loved. Respected, even with our differences. Shown compassion and understanding and love. Do you think anyone shows us the same? No. They tromp through here in disgust. We are the dishonored and forgotten. The desolate and dead. Who really wants us now? We are unforgiveable and unloved.

Can you turn back the clock? Can we redefine the past and uncreate the horror of war? Can we stop the murder and torture? Can we overcome the hate that filled our ever blackened hearts?

No. We can only stay here, stuck in this place for all eternity until God says we have done enough, waited enough, suffered enough. Until then we wander aimlessly in the dark.

Come as we are you say? We can’t change the past. If all our fear and hate was laid at your feet, could you destroy this place? Free our souls from this endless night? Heal us and our families who don’t understand?

What would happen to you if you did? Would you absorb our hate? Our ugliness? Would your heart turn black and hard and eventually crumble to dust? Thank about that carefully before you visit.

What will happen to you?

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