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In 2018 I found another article that really hit home for me. Being an empath and medium, I pick up energy not only from people but also places and items. What we often do not consider is that the items we have around us, in our homes, or that we may frequently be in contact with through work or a favorite museum or battlefield, is that they all carry energy. And the energy is not always good for us. With those items also come quite often, the souls or entities attached to them. Not all souls and entities are helpful.

In the article, Jewish ghosts linger as German households still make use of Stolen Heirlooms, we learn more about this from a WWII Holocaust perspective. The primary questions asked:

How do people cope emotionally with the knowledge of owning items which once belonged to their Jewish neighbors who, during the years 1933-45 either fled the country or were deported and murdered? What were the stories people told one another about how they came to possess such items? What has the psychological impact on them and their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren been of knowing the likely fate of these objects’ former owners? How has people’s usage of these items changed over time knowing their provenance?

In the last couple of years we have heard more stories in the news about Jewish items being returned to families or the descendants of the victims. We have also heard stories about museums returning artifacts from the country in which they have been stored or showcased, to their original home. A lot of controversy surrounds both of these topics.

We also have to consider all the battlefield pick-ups done in Europe or the Pacific, or anywhere really because war has been fought everywhere. Not only war, but picking up items from former cities or civilizations, also carry energy.

Have you ever asked yourself why you choose to hold these items? How do these items feel to you? What emotions, thoughts, or images do they provoke? Why you choose to scour antique stores or militaria fairs or online shopping sites to have these items, particularly related to war? Have you asked yourself why you continue to hold family items or heirlooms that may have had a violent past or been in a household where violence ensued? Each of these items carries an energy that may be affecting us on an unconscious level.

On a personal level, once I realized these items carry energy and I could feel it, I stopping looking for items like this. I do love antique shops and have brought things home from Europe but not usually related to a war. I always clear the energy of these items when I get home as well. Having lived in Europe in an area hit by WWII, in a home filled with all things war, my choice is to not live like that again. Too many things to clear, portals to close, entities to kick out. And if you live with someone who is not also doing the healing work, things can get energetically and health/body messy.

All of life is a choice. The more in tune we become with the energies, the more we can choose to clear and live with the items or release them.

Other questions to sit with are,

What are the family stories around these items?

Or what is my story about why I chose to buy this or take it home off the battlefield?

Why am I holding on to the past with all these items from war, even if they are not authentic as re-enactors often use/have/wear?

Does this prevent me from healing and releasing the trauma created from these items?

What emotions or thoughts am I ignoring, pushing down, or denying because I am so attached to these items?

Am I holding on to these items so I am one of the "cool people" with my friends or group? Is it tied to my identity and I won't know who I am if I let it go?

How might my life be less stressful, negative, could I be healthier (no cancer, heart issues, etc.?) if I release these items? 

These are questions each of us can feel into and make choices that are best for us. I invite you to look around your home and be honest about the things you possess and collect. As for me, I have some old family pieces of furniture that no longer feel good to me. I also have some military books that also probably need a new home. I am aware the energy no longer supports my health, joy, relationships, and life.

Would you like someone to talk to about the things you hold on to? Do you need some energy work done for yourself or to work with the items? Please check out all my services at Ancestral Souls Wisdom School. Sometimes a private facilitation session is exactly what is needed to help you work with the energies and release what no longer serves you.

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