Exploring Cultural Beliefs – Do They Hold Us Back?

ancestral lineage healing culture genealogy inherited trauma netherlands veterans wwii May 21, 2021

A friend from the Netherlands sent me this article, How the Dutch Lost Their Shine. Let’s talk about cultural programming and ego for a moment as more is brought to the surface in global and spiritual disclosure for us to look at.

Every country has programming of their citizens. It is more obvious when we look at say, GER in WWII, but have you ever stopped to look at all the ways, for centuries, your country programs and manipulates you to believe you are the ELITE above all others? How they help individual egos grow? **There will be more coming on this site on how our WWII veterans were programmed as were their families and society near the end of the war and beyond. You might be surprised to learn what the belief system was in America from 1944 forward. You might better understand your veterans and why you and your family believes and behaves as they do. You might also become more aware of how the veteran experience is still with us today through inherited trauma and belief systems.

They may have come home, but they never really came home.

In the NL we see a lot of “If it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much.”, plastered on shirts, coffee mugs, etc. They have a long history of trade of many things going back centuries that made them “elite” in their day. That culture programming and trauma still carries forward today and most people don’t even see it.

As I traveled Europe for many years I was told the French hate Americans. The Dutch hate the Belgians or think they are stupid. This country doesn’t like that country because…and everyone hates Americans because (enter a multitude of reasons even though Americans saved Europe in both world wars….another program running on us.)

You have to stop and ask yourself if this is true or is the person telling me this stuff stuck in an old belief system he/she grew up with? Did their parents hate a certain country and its people because of World War II or World War I? Or even something that happened before those wars? Where did this hatred belief come from?

As we move deeper into this year and this decade, all this darkness of the ego and cultural programming, division, anger, hate, and negativity and hate WILL surface.

It is up to each of us to step back and look at how we contribute to the continuation of it. It is a choice to explore our belief systems, where they came from (ancestors, culture, etc) and CHANGE. Shift into a higher state of consciousness where there is no division or anger or hate programming.

What are you choosing and buying into? Just because someone who lives in another place has a belief about another group of people doesn’t mean you have to believe it.

We are all SOULS having a human experience here. Waking up and learning the lessons we came here to learn. No judgment…..just allowance of where we were functioning from and choosing something of a higher and more loving vibration.

All of life is a choice. If this article I shared offends or triggers you, makes you question things, FANTASTIC!!!

That means you have inner work to do. No matter where you live, because we can all see pieces of ourselves and countries within this article if we set the ego aside and go within to examine our beliefs without judgment.

I love you all.

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