Book Review: Listening to the Voices of Our Ancestors

ancestors book review clairs czech genealogy ireland Dec 16, 2021

Several months ago I bought a book called, Listening to the Voices Of Our Ancestors, by Megan Reilly Koepsell. When it arrived I flipped through it and put it on a stack of books to read, which eventually ended up on the bookshelf. It wasn't until a few days ago the book said, "READ ME". 

Do you have books that do this? They say "buy me" and you listen only to find out you aren't quite ready for the content? Or you are reading 10 books at once (I do this all the time) as you are navigating new topics and integrating life lessons? Oh the stories I could tell about my books.

My ancestors and guides have been encouraging me for a couple of weeks to get back to work on my next book. It's a memoir but they also tell me it will be much more than that when I finish writing. As if it will be multiple books. We shall see. My guides also said it was time to read Megan's book.

Megan's book was not what I expected when I bought it or read it. I thought it was going to be more a straightforward teaching book on connecting to your ancestors and doing the research. It's actually much richer than a teaching book. She does teach you how to connect but in a way you don't feel like you're sitting in class.

I realized one reason why my guides wanted me to read the book now. Megan and I approach working with our ancestors in different ways. We have different reasons for showing up to do this work. It was refreshing to hear someone speak openly, honestly, and with emotion, about working with her ancestors. A lot of researchers still keep this hush-hush for fear of being called "crazy". The thing is, everyone has the ability to connect with those beyond the veil. It just takes practice, opening up to the gifts you have in each moment, and not worrying about what anyone else thinks of your gifts.

Listening to the Voices of Our Ancestors is filled with Megan's own research stories and how her ancestors reached out to connect with her. You travel through the U.S. and Ireland, primarily, to learn how ancestors spoke to her, appeared in dreams, made her sense through smell and taste, made sure she had those intuitive gut feelings. Megan covers all the energetic ways we connect with the dead. You come to know a little about many of her direct ancestors, their stories, lives, joys, sorrows, and life lessons. Each story is beautifully written. There is a very calm energy about the entire book.

One important thing to point out is Megan clarifies a dream versus a visitation. Dreams are often forgotten when we start to become conscious overnight or as we full awaken each day. While dreams may contain visits from our ancestors or other people we know, it might not specifically be for us to receive information. A visitation is a specific meeting between you and an ancestor where you receive important information and messages.

If you have had visitations but have trouble remembering what was said and what happened during the visitation, my invitation to you is to keep a journal and pen by the bed and when you wake from the dream or visitation, write it down while it's fresh in your mind. Sometimes we may drift back to sleep and resume the dream but often this is not the case. If you do not receive specific information as Megan often did, then you can visit an online dream dictionary to look up the key signs or symbols you received from your ancestor. Explore their meanings along with how you intuitively felt about each sign or symbol. Also be aware that sometimes an ancestor or someone we know who is living appears to us looking like someone else. Tune into the energy of that physical representation and you'll usually know who they are portraying.

Megan also included other people's stories that demonstrate how each of us can connect to our ancestors in our own unique ways. If you were a skeptic about whether or not you can connect, the combination of Megan's and other people's stories will likely convince you that we are all capable.

Each chapter of the book ends with a short paragraph about how to connect in the way Megan connected in that particular chapter. The book also ends with a lot of brief tips on ways you can practice connection, gratitude, listening to your intuition, and trusting yourself.

If you have experienced synchronicities or coincidences, gut feelings or a sense of being pushed in a certain direction, or even hearing those "voices in your head", you will enjoy this book.

For those who are new to genealogy and using their intuitive gifts or CLAIRS, this book is a gentle guide to help you identify which CLAIRS you have and how you might tune in more to use them. Some people have all the CLAIRS and others one or more. You can practice with them to open all up for your use. For your reference:

Clairsentience: the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of feeling.

Clairalience: the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge by means of smelling.

Clairaudience: The supposed power to hear things outside the range of normal perception.

Clairvoyance:  Having the supposed power to see objects or events that cannot be perceived by the senses. (This might be achieved also by closing your eyes and viewing through your 3rd eye Chakra).

Clairgustance: The paranormal ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one's mouth. It is claimed the those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste. 

I highly recommend reading Megan's book. It may be a short read but something you will not want to rush through. You might even read it more than once as you expand your own spiritual gifts because you will likely read something you missed before!

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