Book Review: Collective Trauma Healing

book review collective trauma healing holocaust inherited trauma thomas hubl wwii Aug 11, 2021

Many WWII research clients and others who have come to me for help in finding answers to military research questions and to learn more about who their father, grandfather, uncle, etc. was, are dealing with some kind of inherited trauma.

When I first began helping people find the answers to their questions, I knew very little about inherited trauma or collective trauma. Yet the more it showed up in my personal life as patterns and beliefs that were creating chaos and destruction in my life, and the more I saw my clients being affected by it, I knew it was time for more education. Time to heal myself so I could be of greater service to others. That's when I learned about the work of Thomas Hubl.

Thomas studies collective trauma and has conducted workshops online and around the world to help people identify it and heal. He uses techniques I had not experienced by working and learning under other teachers, especially spiritual teachers. Spiritual teachers tend to look at heal thyself whereas Thomas takes a different approach. He builds coherence in a small or large group to facilitate a healing environment which also heals the individual. So we get both collective and personal healing in one experience.

Thomas published a book in 2020 called Healing Collective Trauma. A process for integrating our intergenerational and cultural wounds. He also teaches classes around the concepts he teaches in this book. Thomas was born in Austria to parents born from World War II and grandparents who survived the war. Thomas has taught classes in Germany focused on World War II and the Holocaust, in an effort to help heal the trauma from these enormous events. He now lives in Israel and his many stories and experiences, especially around his personal healing journey, resonate with many people studying World War II and its effects.

I've been studying with Thomas for a year now and have learned so much. His book especially, is a great start point for anyone wanting to dip their toes into trauma healing. Thomas has exercises in the book, meditations, and amazing explanations and stories to help you connect with whatever history your family has, whatever traumas they endured, and how it affects your life and humanity today.

I especially like, as I mentioned above, how he has a group and personal approach to healing. The more humanity awakens and starts to look at what has been happening to us as a whole and as individuals, Thomas' way of healing may resonate with people. My perspective is that it is good to have many teachers and modalities to draw from. What works for me for a time does not work forever. Healing has different layers and sometimes requires a collective approach. I particularly like his 3-sync method of connecting with the mind, emotions, and body both in a personal and collective way.

The book also has sections for therapists and spiritual healers to help them better understand Thomas' processes and how they can be used with clients. Whether you work as a therapist or healer or not, this section is helpful for doing your own soul work.

This book is so detailed that I invite you to check it out. It is not one to read in a weekend, but one to be savored. Allowing his meditations and exercises to seep into your system. I also invite you to check out his website and explore his latest programs. He has many different ways to connect with people to facilitate healing.

Have you read this book or studied with Thomas? What has your experience been?

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