Unlock the Power of Your Veteran Stories: A Transformative Program

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As we move through 2024 and 2025, we have the 80th Anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2024 and the 80th of VE and VJ Days in 2025. Are you ready to start honoring the heroes who fought in World War II by writing their stories? It's time to capture and share the stories of bravery, sacrifice, and resilience.

Have You Shared Your Veteran Stories?

If not, fear not! Our exclusive program is designed to help you effortlessly and swiftly bring your veteran stories to life. Join us for an enlightening 75-minute webinar on writing your veteran stories. This is your chance to embark on a journey of self-expression and healing.

What the Program Includes

75-Minute Webinar

   - Gain insights and inspiration during an engaging live webinar that guides you through the art of crafting compelling veteran stories.

30-Minute Private Coaching Session

   - Receive personalized guidance and feedback from an experienced coach to enhance the depth and impact of your narratives. This session must be scheduled and used within 30 days of the program or you lose it.

500+ Writing Prompts Book

   - Unleash your creativity with a comprehensive book of over 500 writing prompts tailored specifically for capturing the essence of veteran and civilian experiences.

PDF Guides

 - Navigate the writing process seamlessly with our detailed PDF guide, packed with tips, Do’s and Don’ts, writing themes, outlines, and more.

 - Military Service Questionnaire.

 - A guide on the emotional toll of research and writing.


Webinar & Worksheets - Breakdown! Unspoken Effects of Genealogy & Military Research

   - Have you heard of Compassion Fatigue? Are you or have you been a caregiver? Have you experienced anger, grief, loss, shame, guilt, etc., as a result of your research? Have you become depressed or anxious? Join me to explore the ways our research & professional work can impact our mental health & resources to help us keep our energy high.

Why Join the Program?

- Transformative Experience. Rediscover the therapeutic power of storytelling as you embark on a journey of healing through the written word.

- Honoring Heroes. Pay homage to the brave men and women who shaped history by immortalizing their stories for future generations.

- Guidance Every Step of the Way. Benefit from expert insights and personal coaching to ensure your narratives resonate with authenticity and emotion.

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What People Are Saying...

I highly recommend taking the Words That Heal webinar.  If you are considering writing about a veteran, Jennifer provides specific advice on how to organize your research and which specific military records to order. She also provided guidance like, "Do's and Dont's" based on her many years of experience.  The additional 30-minute coaching session dug deeper and Jennifer graciously answered all my specific questions.  She has a great deal of experience and pointed me in the right direction to continue my research project. ~Eric H.

I attended Jennifer Holik’s Words that Heal workshop and ensuing coaching session and I am very glad to have done so. Holik has a rare ability to combine both intellectual rigor and practical strategies with the affective and spiritual aspects of military writing. She shares information about key historical sources such as the IDPF [Individual Deceased Personnel File] and the current turnaround time, as well as how to work effectively with the varied sources to produce an accurate portrait of the veteran. Her organizational suggestions such as making a three-column timeline, noting, date, unit, and comment, making sure to cite the source, are extremely effective, especially to folks like me that get lost in seas of information.  

Holik raises important points for doing the writing. First, he or she should choose the lens through which a person will write a story. Considering the reader, the writer, and the feelings that may arise regarding the veteran, is essential. Holik also encourages military researchers to think about the broader narratives. For example, what were the stories of wives when their husbands were at war? How has a family experienced multi-generational trauma? For those who experience spiritual connections with ancestors or others who served, she encourages respecting this and channeling it in the telling their stories. I found Holik to be equally generous, warm, reflective, and thorough during the coaching session. It helped validate some of my feelings that arose when writing and helped me find a new approach when writing up short biographies of veterans.  ~Leah C

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Don't miss this chance to make a meaningful impact in 2024. Embrace the power of your veteran stories and join us on a journey of healing, remembrance, and celebration.

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  • 75-Minute Webinar replay.

  • One 30-minute private coaching session.

  • Book of over 500 military writing prompts.
  • PDF Guide of writing tips, do's and don'ts, themes, outlines, citing sources and more! An emotional impact guide. Military Service Questionnaire.

  • Access to this product for one year.
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What People Are Saying....

Book Writing, Master Classes, and 1-1 Support (Facilitation)

If you are involved at all with trying to follow and understand your family’s journey related to loved ones who served in the military, I highly recommend working with Jennifer. Jennifer is passionate about helping people with their journey–whether is it doing research, trying to understand the impact on the family, or putting thoughts and findings to pen and paper. All of the webinars I have participated in have been fun, interesting, and useful. 

For over 20 years I have been trying to learn about my uncle who was MIA in Europe during WWII. At first, I thought my quest was to learn all the facts and details about where he was, what he did, and what happened to him. What I have started doing along the way–and why I appreciate Jennifer so much–is delving into the equally compelling and more important story about the impact of my uncle’s loss on the family. In many cases, I knew things from my own memories and previous conversations with relatives that I had not connected to the war. After going through a Master Class with Jennifer based on the book Reconciliation with War, I was able to connect the dots and get a much better picture of what the collective family had been going through. Jennifer is now helping me edit the draft of a book about my uncle’s story and the impact on the family. I greatly appreciate her insight and expertise.  Besides being knowledgable, Jennifer is friendly, warm, and genuine. I enjoy working with her and now consider her a good friend.  Phil Rosenkrantz

Developmental Editing - WWI/WWII Book Project

As a writer and researcher of a family biography, I have used Ms. Holik’s expertise in military research, editing, organization and drafting skills now for several years. Jennifer has the ability to take a body of work, in any stage of development, and evaluate the contents and direct an action plan that moves the project forward in a superior way, on all fronts. I have depended on her professional insight into my family biography that is both complicated with multiple time periods and source material also requiring the insight to understand how to engage the reader. The finished product will in no small way reflect her dedication and professional research, guidance, suggestions, edits and actions. I can, without reservation, recommend her military and publication research services for any personal or commercial publication project.

Doug Hall - Freelance Writer, Boston, MA

Meet Your Writing Guide

I'm Jennifer, I help people identify and release ancestral beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas that hold them back from creating their most abundant, amazing life.

Email me with questions: [email protected]

As a young child I knew I was here to help transform the world. I’ve always been the quiet weird outsider who observed and stood witness to the silent suffering of humanity. I’m a cosmic intuitive puzzle master, seeing and feeling what lies beyond the veil. This enables me to identify repeating patterns, connect the dots and piece the complex puzzle of our individual and collective stories together. These gifts have allowed me to heal some deep ancestral traumas and end toxic cycles in my family.

Guided by my military ancestors, more than 25 years ago, I stepped on the family & military history research trail. That journey allowed me to connect more deeply with my ancestors, spirit guides, angels, and others beyond the veil. I created a genealogy business which quickly transformed into a military research, speaking, and writing business. Explore military research articles, videos, records, resources, and my books at the WWII Research & Writing Center.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to live and travel in Europe and create a life both in Chicago and near Amsterdam. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, and culture. For several years I was married to a Dutch man who lived with cancer and other life-threatening health issues. I developed PTSD as I traversed the layers of his health issues in addition to living two different lives on two continents, while facing my own triggers and ancestral patterns.  We were so energetically connected, that as I accompanied him on his journey as he moved closer to death, I also faced issues of grief, compassion fatigue, caregiver responsibilities, and how I would survive and thrive after the relationship ended. Identifying the ancestral patterns I was living with him helped me heal and move forward after the relationship ended and he died.

In Europe, I visited battlefields & burial sites, religious & cultural sites, heard family & war stories, some of which brought me to my knees in grief as I channeled the people telling the stories. I understand history, context, and perspectives that many people do not. This makes me unique in the way I can help clients heal on both sides of the ocean to explore their personal & ancestral family patterns & war trauma.

To heal my PTSD and personal and ancestral patterns, I worked with energy healers and studied ancestral lineage healing, energy healing modalities, inherited trauma, grief & loss, and caregiving. It took several years but I came out the other side of PTSD, released many traumatic and toxic family patterns and am thriving.

I am excited to help you discover the stories of your ancestors and heal. Welcome to the Ancestral Souls Wisdom School and this cosmic healing journey we travel together.