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The World War II Research & Writing Center is the only firm which has dedicated more than a decade to the study of all military branches and their records. Jennifer Holik developed, published, and teaches the research strategies to accurately reconstruct military service for any branch. Even if the files burned!

We provide expert, custom, and confidential WWI, WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam historical and genealogical research, analysis, travel, and writing services. We also offer research on all available civilian federal employee and military records at the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). This includes Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) service, or Works Progress Administration (WPA), which may have impacted your family member’s World War II service. We can help you with the question, how can I find out where my grandfather served while he was in the military?

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We have the rare expertise to:

  • Locate, analyze, and interpret World War I, World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam records across all branches for military personnel, including individual soldier records, company records, and unit records.
  • Reconstruct service history, placing pieces of your service member’s puzzle together, even when the records burned! We find the answers where other firms do not.
  • Unlike other firms, we provide you with non-watermarked photocopies or digital images so you can read all parts of a document.
  • Help you locate information you didn’t realize you had and sort out your family stories.
  • Help you process the emotions that rise through your family stories, the research, and final results. Many of our clients discover things through the research they did not know or that changes what they knew. We now offer resources to clients from the start of the project, to help them process what they learn. You can also explore how to heal family patterns, inherited trauma, handle family secrets and trauma, and more. Read more and watch a video about our facilitation services. Also explore our Ancestral Souls website.
  • Help you plan a trip to Europe to walk in your soldier’s footsteps.
    • Connect you with researchers and tour guides in Europe to learn more about your soldier’s story or visit the battlefields.
  • Write and publish a book about your family or soldier or assist you with the project.

Research Clients Receive

You can see all the ways we can work together for research, writing, ancestral healing and more at the Ancestral Souls Wisdom School.

We provide every client with a customized written analysis, fully sourced, report of the service history of their soldier with all documentation located. This document is typically 20+ pages in length based on client’s research goals. We do not give you sterile cut and paste unit histories or battle summaries you may receive from other firms.

Each research project scope and cost is different, based on the depth of information a client wishes to receive. Each client, regardless of depth and length of project, receives the following.

  • An evaluation of information a client has, what their roadblocks are, and help prepare a list of questions to have answered.
  • Time and cost estimates for each phase of the research based on the client’s specific research and/or writing goals.
  • Customized research reports which contain a timeline of military service, answers to your questions, detailed written analysis of the soldier’s service, historical context of their service, complete source citations, bibliography of sources used, and additional resources.
  • Sometimes there are channeled messages from loved ones that come through as I create the report. In some cases, your loved one may answer a question you had or pose additional ones for you to consider.
  • Copies of all records obtained in each phase of research. This often ends up being hundreds of pages of material about your service member’s service.
  • Further research suggestions to dig deeper into the soldier’s story.
  • The option to have our firm write a book about the soldier or help you write and publish a book.
  • Confidentiality. Unlike other research firms, we do not spread information about you and your project all over social media or the news outlets. We know the information discovered may bring up family trauma, drama, buried emotions, secrets, questions and answers that should be discussed within your family. We work with clients to help them process the information we provide and emotions which may rise, when required.

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