Family Patterns Study Group

A 5-session study group to explore the basics of identifying family patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and ancestral traumas using genealogical & military records.

Next session begins Saturday 22 April 2023.

We all carry parental and ancestral beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas within us. We inherited these (often negative or toxic) things through our DNA, life experiences and learned behaviors. Did you know these things may be affecting, ruining, and running your life on an unconscious level? Why didn't anyone tell us this when we started our genealogy education?

Sounds crazy right? 

I know! I can tell you from personal experience, we can live out our ancestors' unfulfilled dreams, patterns, and traumas without even realizing it!  Living out my WWII grandparent's patterns and unfulfilled dreams created chaos in my life and marriage. Those unconscious patterns dragged me into a very dark place until the day I shockingly realized whose life I was living! Then I began more research & personal life examination to put an end to these patterns and cycles. Our ancestral patterns can ruin our lives, careers, joys, and relationships if they remain in the dark beneath the surface. 




Your Genealogical & Military Records Can Help You Identify & Release Negative Family Patterns & Trauma

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Family Patterns Study Group, you’ll learn how to examine your genealogical & military records, family stories, letters, journals, and life experiences through a different lens to stop toxic or negative patterns.


What's Included In The Study Group...

Module specific worksheets plus additional resources.

Weekly live 90 minute training sessions. Replays will be available.

Live 30-minute Q&A sessions each week.

Homework to help you become more comfortable moving deeper into your genealogical records, tools to help identify family patterns, and prompts for writing your stories.

Certificate of Completion.


Spring Dates: Saturdays April 22, 29, May 6, 13, 20 from 10-11:30 CST.


It Didn't Start With You

What we inherit from our ancestors can affect our lives in many ways. In this lesson you’ll learn:

  • What inherited trauma & family patterns are & how & why we should be recording this information in our family tree or records.
  • Why identifying & releasing ancestral trauma is vital to your health, wealth, relationships, jobs, and overall life.
  • How to return to the beginning of your genealogical research or spiritual journey, to view your records & family stories from a different perspective.

You’ll finish this module with a multitude of questions you can ask your family and explore through your genealogical & military research. These questions will help you identify family patterns and inherited trauma. You are also invited to create new research plans and start writing your personal & family stories. You may also draw some conclusions about how your ancestors may have been affected by certain situations, life events, natural disasters, and global issues.


Family Patterns Pathways

Where do we begin in our discovery of family patterns & inherited trauma? In this lesson you’ll explore:

  • The basics of identifying beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that may be affecting your life.
  • The emotional aspect of genealogy research, identifying and releasing family patterns and traumas, and perhaps uncover some family secrets.
  • Several pathways (themes) through your genealogical records, family stories, life experiences, & ancestral connections to start mapping out what really happened to your family and how that has affected your life.

Learn actionable steps to explore various genealogical and life themes like immigration, war, migration, culture, race, health, and more. This tool will allow you to begin identifying beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas that live within your ancestral lineage. What conclusions about how your ancestor was affected by a life experience will you make?


Mapping Out Your Ancestors

What does it mean to map out our ancestors? In this lesson you’ll explore:

  • Case studies from my own family history showing how I shockingly identified that I was living family patterns.
  • How to use Timelines in new ways to identify what is hidden within our genealogical records and family history.
  • New perspectives, through a multitude of questions, about who our ancestors were and who we are knowing this new information.

Explore timelines from different perspectives to help you uncover more about yourself, your living family members, and your ancestors. What blessings, gifts, traumas, or patterns are you living out? What can you release or change to create a different reality? How can your timelines help you create new research paths? What story will you now write about yourself and your ancestors?


Mapping Out Your Life

What does it mean to map out our own life? In this lesson you’ll explore:

  • Case studies from my own family history showing how I shockingly identified that I was living family patterns.
  • How to use a basic Genogram to start identifying family patterns.
  • New perspectives, through a multitude of questions, about who you are.

Learn how to create a basic genogram to help you see more clearly things that which have been hidden in your research, family stories, lived experiences, or uncover some family secrets. What story will you now write about yourself? What new research must you undertake to learn more about the patterns you discover in your genogram about an ancestral line? How might this new information change your life and research?


Connecting More Deeply

How can we connect more deeply with our ancestors? In this lesson you’ll explore:

  • Ways to connect with your ancestors outside of genealogical research.
  • What it means to heal our ancestral lineage and therefore ourselves.
  • Tools to help you work with your ancestors in new ways.

What does it mean to heal ourselves or our ancestral lineage? What would happen if we changed perspectives on who our ancestors were and the choices they made? How might our lives and the lives of our descendants change if we ended toxic family cycles? In this final module you will gain new tools, new perspectives, and perhaps more peace about some of your choices and those of your ancestors.

Students also receive...

Live Q&A Sessions Weekly

A 30-minute Live Q&A session will be held each week of the study group to answer questions, provide resources, and allow for additional sharing of student discoveries.

Discount on Family Patterns Consultation

During the five (5) week study group, you receive a discount on my Family Patterns Consultation. Students can book a 45-minute Zoom consultation to discuss their genealogy and military research, family stories, and questions. Intuitive guidance, genealogy & military resources and tools for next steps in identifying and releasing toxic or negative family patterns will be provided. These sessions are great for those who need 1-1 support or wish to privately process or discuss what they discover in the study group.

Exclusive Study Group Community

This study group also requires you to join the Ancestral Cafe Community (Free) on this website. Once you are a member, you will be invited to the Exclusive Study Group Community where you will share your homework. This Community can also be used to discuss research questions, findings, writing, and networking. Students have access to this group for one year.

Join the Ancestral Cafe Community

This Study Group Is For You If...

  • You are interested in exploring your family's beliefs, behaviors, patterns & inherited traumas.
  • You already know you are or have lived some of your ancestral patterns & traumas and want to know more.
  • You want to know what's hidden in your genealogical & military records & family stories.
  • You would like new tools, strategies, & resources to expand your research.
  • You want to deepen your connection to your ancestors.
  • You want to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren that releases them from carrying negative or toxic family beliefs, behaviors, patterns, & traumas.
Yes I want in!

I'm Jennifer Holik

I'm Jennifer, I help people identify and release ancestral beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas that hold them back from creating their most abundant, amazing life.

 Learn more about me.


Family Patterns Study Group

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