What Is Good Writing?

bravehealer soul traveler writing prompts Jul 11, 2022

Yesterday I participated in the Brave Healer Writer's Circle and we had a prompt called, What is Good Writing?' I was shocked and surprised at what showed up on my journal page for me when our time was up to write. Pleasantly surprised because I used to write like this, allow the flow, feel the energy, and easily connect with those who wanted to come through the writing. I admit I shed a few tears when I read what I wrote at the end of those five minutes. I saw a different version of myself showing up. A better writer than the one that came before life got so crazy in 2016 and I mostly stopped writing for pleasure.

This is unedited and exactly what flowed out during those few precious minutes.

What is Good Writing?

Good writing is the ability to show up on the page. To pour out what's in the heart with no judgment. No fear. Emotions spilling over the page edges. Lessons flying. Goals soaring. Love lifting hearts and souls.

Good writing is being honest and raw and vulnerable. To shine your light and be your authentic self on the page in the hope that you can show up in the world off the page in the same way.

Good writing is enjoying the feeling of pen across good paper. Smoothly allowing the thoughts, feelings, emotions to stream all over. Like a river or stream may start as a trickle and forge a path through the land. Then branches off, erodes and creates a new landscape. Writing does the same. Flows through the writer and across the page. Changes over time with practice. Forms new channels of communication in the writer and reader. Creates a new space in the world. The landscape of the writer's soul. To heal.

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