Timelines Gave Me a New Research Perspective

ancestry family tree genealogy military research storytelling timelines Feb 01, 2022

Timelines are a tool every genealogist uses, even when they do not consciously use it. A timeline is created on an Ancestry Family Tree or in a genealogy database as we add facts about an ancestor. Most people just add facts and see the timeline build but do not venture beyond this. People primarily use it as a reference for what documents they do not have linked to their tree.

What if we could create different timelines to learn even more?  

Did you know if you go beyond this basic, generic timeline, you can learn a lot more about your ancestors and yourself? Using timelines from new perspectives really taught me a lot about my ancestors the last few months. I saw details I had not really seen in my ancestry tree. I put puzzle pieces together that I could not before and I saw where my research gaps were.

Join me Saturday 5 February 2022 at 11:00 a.m. CST for a live webinar Ancestral Time Travel: Timelines  (this will also be available for purchase in the Store under Webinars later). You will need pen or pencil, some paper for extra notes and you are encouraged to have your genealogy information nearby. A workbook will also be provided with timeline pages.

In this hour-long class we will....

  • Create a basic timeline for one ancestor.
  • Create a military timeline. Then go deeper to explore one part of his or her service.
  • Explore the traumas of our ancestors. Then we will go deeper and explore the traumas of one ancestor. How much of their unprocessed trauma are you carrying?
  • Ask a question about one ancestor and build the basic timeline. Then go deeper to identify how the life experiences impacted this ancestor and possibly you.
  • Create the timeline of the life of an ancestor whose life intersected & changed your life. Then go deeper to see how this ancestor impacted you in other ways.
  • The major health issues of your direct ancestors.
  • Explore personal and collective events for an ancestor that may help us identify why that ancestor had certain behaviors.
  • Explore the immigration, migration and moves of our direct ancestors & identify the impact on our lives.
  • Explore the mental health of our ancestors. Then take this deeper to identify what might have affected their mental health.

Are you ready to join us? Learn more here and register for the class today!

Do you need private support with this topic? A safe place to explore your family's history, your past lives, your energies? I offer facilitation/coaching sessions where we can work 1-1 on your research and healing. I also offer many workshops to help you explore this on your own.

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