Shake the Family Tree Training Program!

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Have you ever uttered the words…..

“genealogy serendipity” or commented on the fact your ancestors or spirit guides or “something” gave you exactly the record you needed to break down a brick wall? Have you wondered why you or your family continue to repeat the same experiences, have irrational fears, or are just sometimes stuck?

Have you ever wondered…..

what IS ancestral lineage healing? Have you heard about “genealogy serendipity” or the ancestors whispering to people? Perhaps an ancestor gave you the document you needed to break down your brick wall? Perhaps you took a trip and an ancestor showed up to help you meet the right people, find information you needed, or “coincidentally” you ended up exactly where you were meant to be? Have any of these things led to some kind of closure, peace, or a life change? Do you think it is all “woo woo crazy?” Are you willing to expand your reality and explore ancestral healing and how genealogy and military research play a role?

Have your clients ever….

asked for more than the facts in their research so they can heal? Are you intuitively able to pick this up if they cannot verbalize this? Have your clients needed assistance processing the information you provided through genealogical and military research? Did you know how to help them? As a professional have you been curious to learn more about ancestral healing, trauma, and energy work but were afraid to ask publicly about this? This program will give you basic tools and knowledge to start this journey.

These are just a few of the topics I will cover in my new training program, Shake the Family Tree.

In this new program, I am seeking beta testers. This is not a free program. The cost you will pay for exceptional training for seven (7) weeks, plus a coaching session, plus bonus materials, is just under half the price I will be selling it for in May.

What is in the program?

7-Weeks of Training

The sessions are conducted in Zoom Meeting for greater interaction. Each session contains training of 90 minutes, but in some instances may run up to two hours if there are a lot of questions. Each session has its own workbook of 25-30+ pages. A variety of tools and resources will be presented with each topic.

Each participant also receives a 30-minute private coaching session with me. Sessions can be used to work through research questions, expand on topics discussed, work with energy healing, or whatever is requested and required. If you are a professional researcher and have questions about integrating this into your work, that is also something we can discuss in a coaching session.

Learn more about this new program!

Visit the Shake the Family Tree registration page to watch a short video and read all the information about this new program. Join today with a friend and explore all of these amazing, transformative topics together!

Have questions? Email me at [email protected]

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