New Programs Available for 2023 Speaking Engagements

ancestral healing collective trauma speaker webinars wwii Nov 15, 2022

I'm so excited to announce all new programs for 2023. Is your organization looking for a speaker on topics of ancestral healing, inherited trauma, surveying family systems, genograms, genealogy, and military research? I have just what you need. A few of the new programs include:

  • Why Was Grandma So Mean?
  • Wise Female Ancestors
  • Surveying Family Systems
  • Trauma's Hidden Web
  • Healing the Roots
  • What's Wrong With Daddy?

Visit my Speaker Page to learn more about these new programs and email me at [email protected] to discuss fees, dates, and possibilities.

All programs available via Zoom or in-person.

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New Programs Available for 2023 Speaking Engagements

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