Family's War Secrets Webinar

genealogy grief mental hospital mental illness missing in action ptsd research a veteran shell shock veteran stories wwii Sep 28, 2021

Our WWI and WWII war veterans and their families carried secrets. They grieved or raged in silence. Their silence, lies, secrets, hidden illnesses, all affected their living families and their descendants. In this webinar, Family's War Secrets, we will look at how the war shaped our veterans and affected the lives they led. This is a deeper look at tools you can use to learn new facts and heal.

This product also includes the webinar (part 1) What's Wrong With Daddy? Please watch this first to learn the introductory material.

This webinar will be held on Saturday 9 October at 11:00 a.m. CST. A replay will be available for Family War Secrets if you cannot attend live.

To register, learn more, and watch a short video about this class, visit the Family's War Secrets Registration Page.

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