The Energies Are Changing Us From Within

ancestral healing eclipse energies Nov 07, 2022

Do you feel that energy rising today? We have a full moon and an eclipse coming. A lot is being removed from our realities. The collective is going to move through a huge shift. Everything is happening for our highest good. Remember, even when the storm gets rough, if you remain centered and go within, you will be ok on the other side.

As we feel these energies come through, are you noticing your ancestors are showing up in your thoughts more often or pushing you to look at an aspect of your life or theirs? Perhaps they are pushing you to dive deeper into your research or get honest about the toxic energies that permeate your family. Whatever is showing up for you, acknowledge it but don't absorb it. Thank it and let it go. Learn from it. Heal so the traumas and patterns do not continue to spread through your family or the collective.

All it takes is one person doing their inner work to affect everyone. Stand tall in the love of your ancestors. Allow their strength to permeate every cell in your body. Shine your light and love, speak your truth. You never know where it will ripple out and end up or who will be affected by you just being the amazing YOU in this now moment.

I love you all.

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