Dolores Cannon & Working with the Ancestors

ancestors ancestral healing dolores cannon mental health navy wwii Oct 25, 2022

I've been reading another Dolores Cannon book. Between Death and Life.

Have you read any of her books? Dolores was a hypnotherapist who specialized in past life regression. Her books take you on a journey across the veil where we can learn possible reasons why we incarnate on Earth, what we are here to do or learn and what happens when we die and cross over. In each of the books I've read by her, I learn something new about myself and heal on a deeper level. But I have to say with this new book, she is twisting my brain this morning as it relates to what I think I know about ancestral healing and working with my ancestors.

Today I have plenty of questions but really no answers. Answers may not be needed though if you sit with the questions. There are an unlimited number of answers and the answers that come to my awareness may be different than the ones in your awareness.

As I was brainstorming and just brain dumping this morning, I was specifically thinking of two ancestors. My WWII Navy grandpa Joseph and my late Dutch mother in-law, Johanna. Two ancestors who had a tremendous impact on my growth, work, and life.

My invitation to you today is just sit with the questions and if you choose, form some of your own.

Can the ancestors shift the responsibility of their own healing once they have crossed the veil to a living being? Or try? Or can they bring the energy of their trauma through so WE will acknowledge it and wake up? Do our own healing or help someone else? What if that ancestor is actually ok on the other side?

What if the ancestors need us but are not dependent on us?

What if because they are on the other side of the veil, doing their work or resting or learning, they are already healing? Dolores provides many examples of this.

How does our acknowledgement of their trauma, pain, resilience assist them? Assist us?

In everything I’ve read from Dolores Cannon, I learn that once we cross over there are so many dimensions and realities in which we can exist, rest, go to school, or plan for our next incarnation. People can return to a new body any time they want, within reason based on their previous life. We are connected to them energetically throughout multiple lifetimes. So in the last lifetime.

What ancestor came through in another life, like my grandpa, to be a certain way, have certain traumatic experiences, and cope in a certain observe how his family, friends, and community would respond? What if he knew a time of great change was coming and his granddaughter would be a part of that and be labeled as he was? What if she would need to draw on his strengths, learn from his weaknesses, move beyond the labels and judgments and grow because she was meant to shine and help others through the global change?

What if grandpa came here to have his experiences because he was paving the way for me? But is that a human response to the ancestors? Each soul shows up to have experiences they choose to have for their own growth and to clear karma. So this human love we assign doesn’t necessarily exist on the other side. Or does it?

Humans assign worth based on love and how a person is. Souls just are love and energy.

This is how I view the ancestors and my life in THIS moment. Subject to change later today or tomorrow or next week. We are constantly learning, letting go, evolving, therefore the answers that come today may not be the same as what comes later.

Where am I in this moment with helping the ancestors?

How do we help the ancestors?

Acknowledge their experiences, traumas, resiliency, gifts, blessings.

Examine what they trigger within us.

Do our inner work to heal those triggers.

Forgive. Be in love.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

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