Using Genealogy & Military Research to Connect with Ancestors

ancestral communication ancestral healing genealogy journaling Jun 02, 2023

The connection we have with our ancestors and guides, and how we begin to communicate with them may take different forms. Mine began with genealogy and military research when I started researching in 1996. When I consciously stepped on to my spiritual path on 21 December 2012, I began using guided writing and channeling ancestors and guides. The more I practiced listening, the more easily it was to communicate with my own ancestors and other people’s ancestors. The start point of your journey may be different and that is ok!

Our individual research process allows us to connect with our ancestors in many ways and is different for everyone. There is no wrong way to do this connection work. Some people hear a whisper from an ancestor to look for a specific record or speak with a family member to obtain more information. Others connect through the dream and astral spaces. Some connect through meditation or guided writing or channeling. Your ancestors and guides may even bring living people into your reality to take short journeys with to expand your research or learn your soul lessons.

With this in mind, I invite you to look back at your journey and write about it.

  • When did your research begin?
  • What was your process?
  • Which ancestors spoke to you first? Spoke may mean you intuitively knew to look for a record or someone showed up to help you or provide more information.
  • What changed over the years in both your research and how you connected to your ancestors?
  • What lessons did they share?

Would you like to learn how to connect with your ancestors? Explore my Writing with the Ancestors class.

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