The Ancestors Within: Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins

ancestors book review Sep 14, 2022

I had the pleasure of receiving an Advanced Reader Copy of the fourth and final book in the Ancestors Within series, The Ancestors Within: Celebrate and Honor Your Sacred Origins.

Have you heard of this book series? If not, I invite you to explore all four volumes. Each book contains 25 chapters with stories and tools to help you connect more deeply with your ancestors, whether you are a beginner or have been working with them for decades.

After using Book 1 last year, the work I was doing with my ancestors took on a new dimension. I felt them more deeply and was more easily able to connect and allow information to flow through me. The first volume was incredible. The fourth was just as incredible and you'll find my brief review on the back cover!

Grab a copy for yourself today on Amazon! Then be sure to join the Ancestors Within Community on Facebook to hear more from the authors and learn about upcoming events!

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