Ancestral Healing Zoom 4 November 2022

ancestral healing clairs zoom Oct 31, 2022

This Friday, 4 November 2022 at 7:00 p.m. CDT, I'm hosting another free Ancestral Healing Zoom. Register today to save your spot and receive the Zoom link. Please also share with a friend. The more who gather together, the more powerful the healing.

Question from our last Ancestral Healing Session: Can you be blocked from accessing your gifts?

Answer: Some people are born with all their gifts and they retain them throughout life. The rest of us (most of us), end up hiding our gifts away so we "fit in" to family, religion, society, education, culture, etc., or some of our gifts do not manifest until we are ready. Until our soul has completed certain things or we have gained some knowledge or released something.

I can also say, and speak from personal experience, that when we are stressed or in survival mode - whatever that looks like for us - we can shut down our gifts and not be as open because it would put us into overwhelm.

So if you are feeling stuck or blocked, have a conversation with your higher self, your guides, your body and look at your life. Ask if you are living in survival mode or have too much fear running the show. Those are a few things that can keep us from connecting more deeply or allowing our abilities to shine through.

I can also say that for myself - shutting down large parts of me to survive a relationship.....once I had space from in in 2020 and started diving into my inner work, I opened up in new ways and reignited some of the old abilities. I was moving out of survival mode.

The process is different for everyone but those are my thoughts.

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