What is your family story? What is your personal story? Have you considered that your ancestors choices & traumas affect you more than you realize?

Discover what's hidden in your genealogy & military research that can help you learn more about yourself & your ancestors.

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Are you ready to discover your veteran's story? Learn more about who your ancestors were, who your parents are, and who you are on a deeper level? I offer several genealogy & military sessions to help you discover this.

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Did you know the 80th Anniversary of D-Day is June 6, 2024? Is it time to tell their stories?

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What People Are Saying

When I saw the invitation for Jennifer’s recent 4-part program “Genetic Memories: How Ancestors’ Experiences Shape Our Lives” … I knew I had to join in the conversation!

In certain places or situations, I’ve always felt a familiarity that couldn’t be explained. After jumping in to DNA research over a decade ago … that seemed like the only possible explanation for the feelings I encountered: DNA memory! Some people thought I was crazy …

In the last seven years, I have opened myself to be guided. I can’t explain how or who is guiding me, but I know that random encounters with unknown folks have set me on different journeys and at the end, I find answers that I have been seeking for years! You can’t make this stuff up!

In hindsight, which is 20-20, I see that I was being guided all along, but didn’t understand at the time. In putting all the pieces together today, it makes perfect sense!

Jennifer’s program and her experiences validated what I have thought to be true for years … DNA memory IS real! But, I also learned that some of the troubling patterns of the past keep recurring because the ancestors need help in healing, and that it’s possible for us to help.

I’ve always wanted to write about my experiences, but didn’t really know where to start. This program gave me ideas on how to gather and organize my thoughts. I’m using the Ancestral Codes 90-day Journal for some help getting started. It has 3 pages for each day with prompts that I would never have thought of.
Thank you Jennifer!

~ ~ ~ Anne A.