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I'm grateful you are here! How can the I help you on your genealogical, military, or personal journey? How can I help you get your stories on paper?

No matter where you are on your writing journey, I have ways to support you.

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Blog Posts

The Ancestral Souls Wisdom School Blog has many articles to help you explore ancestral lineage healing, genealogy & military research, writing, and more. I ask the questions and touch on taboo topics that many families keep hidden. Are you ready to take a deep dive into your healing & the lives of your ancestors? No secrets?

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Soul Traveler Writer's Circle

Explore the vastness of your writing, heart, and soul in the Soul Traveler Writer's Circle. In each session we will write, share, learn, and heal. How might your writing be of service to others or help heal humanity?

Sessions are offered three times a month via Zoom. Attend one, two, or all three. We will use writing prompts to explore the depths of story, whether personal, ancestral, fiction, military, non-fiction, whatever is in your soul that day.

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Soul Traveler Storytelling Group

Are you seeking a writing community in which you can share your writing projects, be held accountable for your goals & deadlines, receive encouragement from others, and grow as a writer and perhaps researcher? If so, you are invited to join a community of storytellers writing stories of family, transformation, travel, soul growth, and life in the Soul Traveler Storyteller Group.

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Where will your soul journey take you? Into a Writer's Circle, A Storyteller Group, Lifestories Bootcamp, My Book, Video Interviews, or a healing session?

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I Want to Explore my Ancestral Lineage

Healing family trauma is within reach! I help you identify and remove energetic blocks, heal family & personal patterns, & work more easily with your ancestors.

I now have two ways to assist you in ending family cycles.

  • Facilitation session. (each session is 60 minutes). These sessions are good for energetically healing specific issues, learning to work more with your ancestors or gifts, or exploring family history, among other topics we can explore.
  • Genogram session. (each session is 90 minutes). These sessions help you go deeper into family patterns, negative & toxic cycles, and identify what is being passed down the generations.


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Healing the Roots Writing Workshops

Are you tired of writing the same old ancestral stories? Would you like ideas to take your research and stories to a deeper level? In Healing the Roots, explore six writing workshops. You receive an extensive workbook for each program, plenty of writing ideas, and you're guaranteed to have new research to pursue after each session!


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I Want to Take a Class

These are my top webinar and class recommendations for those seeking writing education. You will gain a different perspective of research & writing in these classes.

Exploring Family Patterns & Stories

Family's War Secrets

Writing to the Ancestors

Breakdown! Unspoken Effects of Research

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I'm Ready to Work with a Writing Coach

I currently offer four coaching possibilities.

Writing Consultation

Brainstorm Session

Research Coaching

Writing Coaching

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