Explore all the Soul Traveler Possibilities

Where will your soul journey take you? Into a Writer's Circle, A Storyteller Group, Lifestories Bootcamp, My Book, Video Interviews, or a healing session?


Soul Traveler Writer's Circle

Do you enjoy writing in community? Do you need something different to add to your writing practice? Come write with us once, twice, or three times a month.

  • 75-90 minute writing prompt sessions.
  • Writing tips and resources.
  • Give your writing a voice and share with the group.
  • Facebook Group to connect with other writers.
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Soul Traveler Storytelling Group

Join a community of storytellers writing stories of family, transformation, travel, soul growth, and life.

  • Share writing with community members & receive verbal & written feedback monthly. We meet via Zoom to share feedback.
  • Ask questions & learn about resources in monthly Office Hours.
  • Receive accountability, resources, support, & encouragement.
  • Special events & guest expert speakers.
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Soul Traveler Stories

A new YouTube series launching 3 October! A conversation with guests sharing stories of

  • Family history & Veteran stories
  • Soul growth, transformation & inspiration
  • Personal & ancestral travel
  • Spiritual experiences with your ancestors & guides 
  • And more!
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Soul Traveler Lifestory Bootcamp

Learn how to preserve, share, and heal the past by writing your lifestories.

  • Coming soon!
  • Coming soon!
  • Coming soon!
Coming soon!


Schedule a Healing Session

I offer three types of energy healing sessions.

  • Chakra Balancing & Healing. Upgrade your energy system today & release limiting beliefs.
  • Private Facilitation Session. Energy healing session to release ancestral traumas, patterns, and limiting beliefs.
  • Genogram Session. Let's map out your family history to identify, heal, and release traumas, beliefs, behaviors & patterns that no longer serve you. End the cycle today!
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Soul Traveler Book

Coming Fall 2022.

Read stories about my ancestors & guides with exercises you can do to work more easily with your ancestors. Learn how my ancestors prepared me to meet a future husband who became my greatest soul teacher.

  • Stories of my ancestral experiences
  • Lessons & soul growth exercises
  • My European Life with my greatest soul teacher
  • And more!


Coming fall 2022