$195.00 USD

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Have been curious about why genealogists need to know about family patterns and generational trauma? If so, this new $7 program is for you.

Every family has patterns, unprocessed traumas, & behaviors that are passed down through the generations. These may create chaos, issues with relationships, money, work, life, dis-ease, and stress in our lives. They may also create breaks in our family. When we identify these patterns, traumas, and behaviors, through research, family stories, and self-exploration, we can change our lives & heal our ancestors. This workshop may open up new research paths and break down brick walls.

Genetic Memories: How Ancestors' Experiences Shape Our Lives

This transformative program, which includes a coaching session, is a space of healing and empowerment for genealogists and history enthusiasts alike. By embracing ancestral communication, tools, and healing, we honor the wisdom of our ancestors, heal past wounds, and gain valuable insights that enrich our genealogical journey. Whether unraveling hidden family narratives, deepening our spiritual connection, or exploring the impact of ancestral trauma, this program leaves a lasting imprint on our lives and our understanding of our family's legacy.

 Program Includes:

One 30-minute private coaching session per student. This must be scheduled and used prior to the last date of the program.

Four webinars on Thursday evenings beginning 19 October 2023:

  • Ancestral Guidance. An Introduction to Ancestral Communication & Healing for Genealogists. (19 October)

  • Why Was Grandma So Mean? (26 October)

  • Circle of Influence. Using Genealogy & FAN to Identify Family Patterns and Trauma (2 November)

  • Decoding Family Histories with Genograms and Family Patterns. (9 November)

Access to this program begins 16 October in the LIBRARY at the Ancestral Souls Wisdom School. You will receive an email about downloading the worksheets and Zoom links. Access is granted for one year for this program.

Please note! You MUST subscribe to all Kajabi/Ancestral Souls emails otherwise you will not receive emails for this program.