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Why Was Grandma So Mean? Webinar

Have you ever uttered those or similar words? Why was grandma so mean? Why was grandpa so sad or angry? Why did aunt Alice avoid the family when babies or small children were around? These are some of the questions we think in our heads but do not always ask out loud to family members. The time to break the silence is now.

There are always more than two sides to every family story. Do you ever wonder what influenced the behaviors, patterns, & emotions of our ancestors?

In this webinar we will look at our genealogy & military documents to identify events both personal, family, and historical, that may have shaped the behaviors and attitudes of your ancestors. We will also look at the family stories we have heard. Did you ever notice when you sit around a table and discuss the ancestors or major events in your lives or that of the family, that many version of a story emerge?

It is like watching a car accident, everyone has their own perspective about what took place. The same happens with family stories and records. We each have our own blocks, perspectives, unhealed wounds that affect how we receive information, process it and view a family member or ourselves.

I will share new tools & questions to help you better understand who your ancestors were & what shaped their behaviors. We will also explore how their unhealed trauma, family patterns and behaviors were passed down through the generations. Being aware of how their unhealed past may be affecting how you live your life or show you possibilities for why your family is or was the way they were with beliefs, patterns, behaviors, energies, and emotions.

Webinar fee: $30

Pop Up Family Patterns Workshop - Census Records

Wednesday 24 May 2023 at 7 p.m. CDT

Did you know Census Records can tell us more about our family than residence, employment, education, value of land, military service, and who was part of the household?

Genealogical researchers are taught that Census Records are a ‘go-to’ record to learn where a family lived, when they may have immigrated and were naturalized, who lived in a household, what kind of jobs or education they had, and more. The Census is a vital record to help us track our family over time, normally in 10 year periods. Did you know the census can help you identify family beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and sometimes traumas if you view the information through a different lens?

In this 1-hour workshop, via Zoom Meeting, participants will:

  • Explore genealogical uses for census records.
  • Explore privacy and sensitivity concerns about what may be discovered and how to handle the information with your family members.
  • View the records through a different lens to discover trends in the family systems, generational patterns, and possibly traumas.
  • Contribute to a broader understanding of history – collectively and within your family.
  • Receive personalized assistance with questions from participants on how their census records might help them identify patterns.
  • Create new research paths through questions raised about how census records can help us identify patterns. Everyone loves new research possibilities right! Especially if you have a brick wall to break down.
  • Use census records, timelines, journaling and discussion to explore all that may be hidden within the records and your family.
  • Receive a worksheet to help you move forward after the program.

Genealogists play a crucial role in contributing to the collective understanding of history. By uncovering generational patterns and trauma, they add a human dimension to historical events, highlighting the long-lasting effects on families and communities. This enriched perspective expands our knowledge of history and fosters a more inclusive and compassionate understanding of the past.

This program will contain some energetic facilitation & Q&A for participants who wish to dive a little deeper into their family’s questions or brick walls. A video replay will be available to download for 7 days after this program so participants can review the tools and discussions.