Live Workshop Saturday 11 December, 2022.
11:00 a.m. CST (9:00 a.m. PST / 12:00 p.m. EST / 5:00 p.m. UK / 18:00 Amsterdam)


The holidays can be stressful, especially for empaths and highly sensitive people. Do you need some new energetic tools to help you remain in a higher more positive vibrational state? Are you ready to transmute lower vibrational and negative family energies and patterns? Would you like to learn how to protect your energy so you do not leave events drained and feeling ill?

This will be an interactive workshop in which I will give you foundational knowledge on energy and family. From there I will teach several processes to keep your energy high and help you more easily transmute those yucky energies.

You will walk away from this workshop with tips and processes to help you remain in a more joyful, abundant, loving energy this holiday season. You might also learn more about your family and ancestors in the process!

A replay will be available if you cannot attend live.

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Interactive Workshop

This is a Zoom Meeting and questions are encouraged! I will explain & demonstrate tools to help you remain in a higher vibrational state and out of the family drama as you spend time with family & friends this holiday season.

Have a journal or some paper and a pen available to take some notes. Depending on time I may also do some facilitation with students.

Worksheets & Resources

Receive worksheets with additional resources and energy tools to help you continue your exploration after the workshop.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or cocoa, and play with these tools to see what works best for you.

TIP! Journal about what happens while you are with your family, how they and you responded or reacted, and what tools worked best!

Continued Discovery

Replays of all tools taught will be provided in the product. Downloadable audio files are also provided. You will be able to use these tools anytime and anywhere.

You are invited to journal about your experiences while with family and observe how different family members react or respond to drama of the holidays. These insights can help you identify personal & ancestral beliefs, behaviors, & patterns. With this knowledge, you can end old patterns that no longer serve you.

Meet Your Guide on this Journey

Hello! I'm Jennifer!

I’ve been on a conscious personal healing journey for more than a decade. My journey began while researching & writing about my family & military history. My military ancestors helped me dive deeper into my personal & ancestral trauma to heal.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to travel in Europe & create a life both there & in Chicago. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, culture, got a deep dive into grief when I became a caregiver to someone I was in a relationship with & more, which gave me a unique perspective on our world & the layers of trauma we each carry, no matter where we live. Each experience I had in Europe gave me awareness & puzzle pieces for my healing & the healing of our ancestors & the collective. Puzzle pieces & awareness I can now share with you.

We are all connected no matter where we live, what our culture is, what our trauma has been….when one heals, we all heal.

Explore more of my military research work, over six years of articles, record examples, videos, and all the books I've written at the WWII Research & Writing Center.

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