Healing the Roots Monthly Writing Groups

You Need This Writing Community!

In 2022, one of my targets is to help people explore the puzzle of their personal and ancestral history from different perspectives, using different tools to untangle our roots. With these puzzle pieces, I will guide you to write stories about your life and the lives of your ancestors you may have never considered exploring and writing. Through this important work, we will heal ourselves and our ancestors.  

Another target is to create a new community of writers who are ready to make changes in their lives and the world. With the last two years of isolation around the world and massive change, many people are ready to be a part of new communities that uplift humanity and create change. When we heal ourselves, we heal all of humanity.

Why do you need this new writing community?  

Have you questioned why you behave like your grandma or why your siblings carry and act out the anger of your father? Has it become obvious that your PTSD and anxiety may not have originated with you, yet you carry it for a deceased family member? Did you unconsciously take on the trauma of your in-laws to heal them as it slowly deteriorates your life and health?  Do you keep attracting the same kinds of people into your life as friends and lovers, bosses and colleagues, and these are negative, abusive, or destructive relationships? Are you ready to change that? These things probably did not originate with you, but you continue the patterns and cycles.

If you are ready for something completely different and want to be a part of a vibrant writing community, this workshop is for you! 

Subscribe to Join the Monthly Writing Community

If you enjoyed the new writing group format, I invite you to subscribe today and join a writing community where you can continue your writing and education. Sessions will generally be held the 3rd week of the month on a Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. You will choose either the Wednesday or Saturday community. You cannot jump back and forth between communities.

Here is what you need to know before you subscribe!

The same topic will be taught in both sessions each month so it does not matter which you choose to join. A new workbook will be provided for each month's topic before the session. Each session will run about 90 minutes.

You are asked to participate for a minimum of six (6) months to build trust within the writing community.

A Theme/topic with explanation of what this means, which may be different than what you already know. I have a gift of helping people see a different perspective in their lives and research.

Live interactive exercises which require you to have paper and pen nearby. You get to work through the exercises and ask questions during the live session. Afterward, take these exercises to a deeper level on your own. You will be given instruction on how to use the exercises at a high-view level and a zoomed in level. You may be surprised how your perspective shifts or what you discover that has been in front of you for years!

Sharing to facilitate a deeper understanding of the topic and allow members to share their Ah-Ha moments or brick walls so we can help each other break them down. You are not required to share your writing or what shows up for you in the exercises, however it is encouraged. What shows up for you is likely showing up for the rest of us in some way.

Healing tools to help you release the old and end negative family and personal cycles. These tools are helpful for your healing toolbox and can be used for more than just our sessions.

Additional Journal Prompts will be provided each month for you to take the topic deeper. These questions are great to ask family members! 

Bonus tools/exercises. These will be explained at the end of each session and you will have information in your workbook to work with these on your own if you choose.

Homework! You will not be required to turn this in, but you are encouraged to write your stories based on the topic of the month, exercises, and additional prompts. Whether you write a paragraph or several pages, it doesn't matter. The point is to keep you writing between sessions so at the end of the year you have material for at least one book, should you choose to write a family or personal history.

Choose Your Community

Healing the Roots

Wednesday Writing Community 7:00 p.m. CST

The workshop will normally be held the 3rd week of the month. Upcoming dates and topics will always be found within the product and communicated each month.

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Healing the Roots

Saturday Writing Community 10:00 a.m. CST

The workshop will normally be held the 3rd week of the month. Upcoming dates and topics will always be found within the product and communicated each month.

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Upcoming Writing Topics

Sessions are on a Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. CST or Saturday 10:00 a.m. CST.

January: Identify the Wounds

Wednesday 19 January or Saturday 22 January

A continuation of the free workshop, Words, Wounds, Wisdom, we will identify the core wounds and core emotions that show up in our families through several exercises.  From these wounds and emotions, you will start to identify beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that keep getting recycled through the family. The live exercises provide ways to help you identify through writing and research, these wounds and things that hold you back, so you can let them go once and for all. You will learn how to release these cycles and patterns and take back your power as you write your personal and ancestral stories.

February: Love & Ancestral Blessings

Wednesday 16 February or Saturday 19 February

Writing our stories is not all about the wounds we inherited (inherited trauma) or our own wounds through our own experiences. Our ancestors also bestowed upon us incredible gifts and blessings. In this month of Love, we will identify the joyful things we inherited from our ancestors. As we acknowledge the good things and practice gratitude, we will create more abundance, joy, love, and peace in our lives and those of our ancestors.

March: Wise Female Ancestors

Wednesday 16 March or Saturday 19 March

Women are the creators of life. We are powerful beyond belief and for centuries have been feared for our knowledge, intuition, power, and healing abilities. Because of this fear, women have been silenced, shoved aside, shamed, abused, tortured, persecuted, and killed. Many went to their graves with their stories and wisdom inside them.

It is time we break the silence on the powerful women in our families and tell their stories. The good, bad, and ugly. We would not be who we are without them. You might discover as I did, that some of us carry our female ancestors pains, abuses, traumas, shame, guilt, anger, on an unconscious level to heal them. This can destroy our sense of worth, hold us back from all the joy, abundance, and love available to us, and bring relationships that are not in our highest good. This month we will explore the hidden stories of our female ancestors. You might discover some of the women in your family were not who you thought they were.

Meet Your Writing Coach

Hello! I'm Jennifer!

I’m a spiritual coach and an Intuitive healer specializing in inherited & war trauma, and personal & ancestral healing. I’ve been on a conscious personal healing journey for a more than a decade. My journey began while researching & writing about my family & military history. My military ancestors helped me dive deeper into my personal & ancestral trauma to heal.

This healing also led me to write and publish more than 20 of my own books since 2011. Since 2010 I have also written and published more than 100 client genealogy and military story books, memoirs, recipes, and photo books.

Discovering the history of our families allows for family patterns, inherited trauma, & secrets to rise. This provides an opportunity to take a deeper look at our research to allow for healing & closure.

By 2015 my healing journey & military work allowed me to travel in Europe & create a life both there & in Chicago. I became embedded in Dutch society, life, relationships, healthcare, politics, culture, got a deep dive into grief when I became a caregiver to someone I was married to in the Netherlands.  All of that gave me a unique perspective on our world & the layers of trauma we each carry, no matter where we live.

I visited battlefields & burial sites, religious & cultural sites, heard family & war stories, some of which brought me to my knees in grief as I channeled the people telling the stories. I understand context that many people do not. This makes me unique in the way I can help clients heal on both sides of the ocean to explore their personal & ancestral family patterns & war trauma. I have studied & understand genealogy & military records, & what information, secrets, patterns, inherited trauma, feelings, & emotions they may share.

Each experience I had in Europe gave me awareness & puzzle pieces for my healing & the healing of our ancestors & the collective. Puzzle pieces & awareness I can now share with you.

For more than a decade I have studied ancestral lineage healing, energy healing modalities, inherited trauma, PTSD, grief & loss, caregiving, & spiritual modalities. I have also taken a deep dive into my personal and ancestral healing.

I look forward to working with you to heal yourself and your ancestors. We are all connected no matter where we live, what our culture is, what our trauma has been….when one heals, we all heal.