Unsure Where to Begin? Choose Your Journey

Have you wondered why certain patterns keep getting passed down through the generations? Is your self-sabotage rooted in your grandmother’s life? Are you living with anxiety, depression, or PTSD because your father or grandfather went to war? Do you keep attracting the same co-dependent or narcissistic relationships because that is what is “normal” for your family? Is it difficult to stay out of poverty or create enough money because your ancestors lived in an energy of lack? Are you in a marriage or relationship that has similar negative or abusive issues as your grandparents? 

These are variations of some questions I have looked at within myself and my ancestral lineage. Choosing to bring these darker questions to the light and heal has allowed me to transform my life and have compassion and understanding for my ancestors and their choices. 

For anyone ready to explore ancestral & personal healing, I have three journeys to choose from to introduce you to this kind of research, writing, and healing work. 

The Writing Journey

You might enjoy this journey if you are starting to write or have been writing your personal and ancestral stories for a while. On the Writing Journey, I will guide you through some steps you can take to advance your research skills, expand your writing skills, receive writing coaching, and get your stories out into the world, however that looks for you. I also help you bring forth those stories of your personal ancestral meetings and experiences, no matter how “crazy” they sound to others. I have many years of experience working with the dead, being a soldier whisperer, and writing those stories.

Explore the Writing Journey

The Ancestral Lineage Healing Journey

You might enjoy this journey if you are new to the personal and ancestral healing realm. Are you just awakening to your own conscious healing path? Are you questioning how your ancestors’ experiences, lives, unprocessed traumas, blessings and burdens affect you? On the Ancestral Lineage Healing Journey I will guide you through some first steps to helping you identify your ancestors experiences, beliefs, behaviors, and patterns that continue to be passed down. Then you will learn ways I can help you with your energy healing. I can also help you through spiritual coaching sessions to untangle your family’s past so you may process, integrate, and heal.

Explore the Ancestral Healing Journey

The Military Journey

You might enjoy this journey if you are new to military research (WWI – Vietnam), are planning or have done heritage travel, particularly to battlefields and military cemeteries, and wish to write the stories of your ancestors. On the Military Healing Journey I will guide you through first steps to military research and writing. I will introduce you to writing resources to help you tell your military stories. I can also help you bring forth your own personal healing stories connected to your military family members.

Explore the Military Journey