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Section 1: Guest Application

Please answer the following questions to submit an application to be a guest on Soul Traveler Stories. If a question does not apply to you please put N/A in the answer so you can continue moving through the application. Each question must have some kind of answer. 

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What kind of stories do you have to share? You can select more than one. In the next question you can describe these in a little detail.

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Things I wish I'd known before I started my spiritual journey or ancestral journey


My spiritual and healing journey


Personal or ancestral travel experiences. This might mean trips you took, past life experiences showing up, ancestors appearing as you traveled, etc.


Spiritual interactions and experiences with my ancestors (what some might consider "woo-woo")


Family history or veteran stories


Stories of grief and loss


My discovery of ancestral beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and traumas along with the healing journey


I wrote a book or made a documentary


I'm a professional (healer, medium, energy worker, genealogy or military researcher, etc.) who helps people heal. I have stories or information to share.


How Culture shaped my family and life story

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Briefly describe the story or stories you would like to share.

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What can people learn from your stories or experiences? How might your stories inspire them?

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How might your story help someone just learning to work with their ancestors, spirit guides, or others beyond the veil OR help them as they start their spiritual journey? (Please put N/A if your story doesn't apply to these questions).

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Please confirm that you give Jennifer Holik permission to contact you about being a guest on Soul Traveler Stories.





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