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I'm grateful you are here! Are you interested in personal and ancestral healing? Are you focusing on identifying the beliefs, behaviors, and patterns passed through the generations that keep you stuck? Are you ready to start writing your ancestral stories?

No matter where you are on your healing journey, I have ways to support you.

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Blog Posts

The Ancestral Souls Wisdom School Blog has many articles to help you explore ancestral lineage healing, genealogy & military research, writing, and more. I ask the questions and touch on taboo topics that many families keep hidden. Are you ready to take a deep dive into your healing & the lives of your ancestors? No secrets?

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These are my top recommendations for those new to personal & ancestral healing. New classes coming Spring 2022 so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter & stay informed.

Introduction to Ancestral Lineage Healing

Introduction to Genograms

Exploring Family Patterns & Stories

Family's War Secrets

Why Was Grandma So Mean?

Writing to the Ancestors

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I'm Ready to Work with a Spiritual Coach

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into your genealogy & military research to discover the family patterns keeping you stuck? Are you ready to write your stories? To help others heal?

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I Want Ongoing Training

I would like to help you dive deeper into your personal and family history. To see the beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and information that is sitting within the documents you have, the stories you've heard and the research yet to do.

Each month we have a new topic and take a deep dive into research, healing, family, and creating a new narrative for our lives.

Click the button to explore the information page and learn how your ancestors can help you create a more abundant, expansive, less stressful, anything is possible life.

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I Want to do 1-1 Private Facilitation

I would like to help you create your best life. To help you shift and heal your family patterns, work more easily with your ancestors, and create the life you truly desire. In these sessions we do some energy healing, digging into your past, and shifting the energy to transform your life.

Are you ready for new possibilities in your life? Watch the video on the information page to learn more.

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